Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My RILAKKUMA Collection

You probably wouldn't bear to pop these cute looking food into your mouth, 
Because neither do I!

Especially it's my favourite...

*Goes into crazy mode instantly*

Rilakkuma designs just made these desserts SWEETER and MORE APPETIZING

Japanese Rilakkuma Bento! I would try that some time!!

Macarons which are already at the top of my food list, with Rilakkuma face in it, I think I'll just go ≧◡≦≧◡≦≧◡≦!!!

How can anyone resist Rilakkuma! But boyf always say that Rilakkuma resembles Pedobear... What is this (╥﹏╥) I like Korilakkuma more though! Which is the white one. 

SG should really open a Rilakkuma cafe. Oh or maybe I should!! Have always thought about starting my own cake shop/ cafe in the future. And after visiting the Hello Kitty cafe at Taiwan and Korea, I want it more! 

And before I say more, let me show you my whole (Not exactly whole, but most) of my RILAKKUMA COLLECTION. This isn't hardcore yet, I want to change my bedsheet and bolster too. 

This was my very first Rilakkuma thing that my boy got for me - Korilakkuma iPhone case I wasn't into Rilakkuma that time but I just found the phone case really cute. Besides, even after liking this character, SG didn't have many places selling it, it only started trending after some time later, lucky for me because it was SO hard to find Rilakkuma stuff back then!!

I eventually got so crazy about it I got myself toilet accessories and even rice bowl. Even shower cap. Now the toilet hand towel is also in Rilakkuma .__. 

Bringing all these files to school makes me a happier student too

I found this umbrella a little bulky and heavier than my usual ones, but I kept it anyway. 

My birthday gift from Siyuh last year!

Luggage tag from my cousin!

And a bunch of small keychains and pouches! 
(From left to right): Given by Khadijah, my boy, my brother.

If you realized, even the fluffy tray is Rilakkuma too, used to kept my facial products! Heehee :3

The Rilakkuma plushies are cute! But my mum said that I cannot keep anymore because my bed and pouch is just overflowing with fluffy toys ): 

My coin pouch! Looks a little kiddy but I'm only using it when I don't want to bring out my big wallet.

And this CNY decoration has been on my door since last year, I have been hanging it 365 days for all seasons. Hahahha. Look at the different adorable positions and expressions :>

And not all my stuff are posted here by the way!!! 

Earlier this year, I went back to HK and spotted this shop selling Rilakkuma rement which are like mini plastic collectibles usually on food and accessories design. Reminds me of my Sylvanian Family House, bought it not to play but to display! 

I love all the tiny details of the rement, even though it's hard to look at or feel it. Hahah. Feels like I'm running a mini Rilakkuma cafe.. But a pity that it's over my budget ):

I guess that's all for now! And I bet many of you like Rilakkuma like I do!!

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  1. Waw! You really have good collections of Rilakkuma !!

    1. Hahaha, I'm a fan of Rilakkuma! :DD

  2. Wow is it very cute ♥ I like ^^

  3. So many cute Rilakkumas! I really like your plushie. The Re-ments are cute too. Sadly, they are out of my budget too. :(