Thursday, 14 March 2013

[Omy] Movie Preview - Confession Of Murder

Are you in love with thriller/ action movies filled with suspense?
or could you be those who love Crime and mystery stories?
And if you're a crazy fan of Korean celebrities too,

Then this show is perfect for you!
A perfect murder unveils the truth

Actually... it doesn't matter whether a not you usually watch Korean movies.. I usually don't, but this show is awesome!

Starring Park Si-Hoo and Jung Jae-Young

And other characters who are the family members of the murdered victims

Before I move on to my review, here's a little synopsis for you:
15 years ago, an infamous serial killing case that left 10 women dead shook the nation. Now its statute of limitations is about to expire, and a member of the victim family throws himself off a building in front of the detective Choi who is the primary detective on the case.
2 years later, a man named Lee Du-seok publishes a book titled “Confession of Murder”, claiming his responsibility for the murders that took place 17 years ago. His book becomes a huge success, making him an instant celebrity thanks to his beautiful fa├žade and innately danger that’s associated with his presence. Choi can only watch from the sidelines as his hands are tied, because Lee has been pardoned legally. 
The law forgave him, but even after the expiration of statute of limitations, the case is not yet over!

It was a fierce debate between Lee and Choi about whether Lee is the real murderer. I was pretty amused by the fact that many girls admired this self-proclaimed murderer so much! They even supported him like a celebrity. I was wondering, how are they so sure that his murdering strike wouldn't happen again? They could be the next victims... It's ridiculous hahah

I enjoyed watching the entire movie as it was filled with action and suspense! Was captivated by every scene and it was indeed thrilling to watch. I just couldn't take my eyes off the movie because it was just so gooood. Although I didn't understand a single bit of Korean, the subtitles were of great help. And I enjoyed the show to the extent that I didn't find the language a barrier to the understanding of the story. 

I find that it was rather interesting and also sick in the mind to confess after being legally safe. To think of this to challenge the police, he was smart too. ๏_๏

Basically, after Lee confessed his serial killing in a book, the whole city was stunned and a group of victims' family members got together to think of a perfect plan to kidnap him, to take revenge for their family member's death. There were a series of gunfight and car chases before a few twists were revealed. (No spoilers!) Not to forget, some parts of the show were pretty touching as well. 

I wouldn't watch the movie again since it's only nice if you have no idea of the twists, but I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to watch it at least once because it's filled with unexpected story line and suspense!

Here are some scenes of the movie!

Be sure to watch the trailer to find out more!

Will the murderer be caught? Watch it to find out...

Catch CONFESSION OF MURDER in Singapore cinemas this 14 MARCH 2013

Thank you for the invite to this movie preview!!!

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