Monday, 29 April 2013

[AD] Blushinn

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Are you ready for more pretty and affordable apparels?? 

Blushinn kindly sponsored me with 3 outfits and I just realized that I got all 3 in the colours of BLACK & WHITE. It may sound dull, but it's actually really easy to match with your clothes! You can always spice it up with colourful accessories to stand out.

Topshop inspired Peplum Top in Black
(There's another white version)

I'm really loving this top. I used to think that peplum tops aren't pretty. But I think that this look made me change my mind. Just pair it with a simple black bandage skirt with bright accessories to achieve that feminine and sophisticated style with a modern flair. 

Sometimes the simplest outfit stands out the most!

Similarly, you can wear it with shorts for a more casual and playful look. If you love it in one-piece, get the Peplum Dress from Blushinn!

Boy London Tank Top (Not available anymore)

Simple and fun-looking. Sometimes, you just got to have these kind of simple yet trendy tops to keep in your wardrobe collection. You can easily mix and match with different shorts and outerwear to achieve different looks. 

I wore this out for a casual date with my boyf last thursday!

If you want to go for Boy London apparels, you can get the Boy London Tee instead!

Snowflake Pullover
(There's another white version)

Are you looking for any winter clothes to go for an overseas trip at Hokkaido or Japan? Blushinn offers pullovers have different thickness so that you can choose to wear it for your winter trip or in SG. It's great to wear on a comfy pullover on days that you're really lazy. And it covers up your body since it's loose-fitting so no more worrying how your body looked on that day. Because you will still look awesome in any way!

Love the intricate snowflake designs on this pullover! 

Check out some of their NEWLY LAUNCHED products and also their available collection of dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwears, bags and accessories!

Blushinn also sells coffee for the COFFEE LOVERS. 

Organo Gold Coffee uses high quality coffee beans and added an extra ingredient Ganoderma Lucidium. Commonly known as “LingZhi”. 

Oxygenates the body
Provides more energy
Support circulation
Provides more vigor
Supports quality of sleep
Supports natural body detoxification
Support the immune system
Promotes health and longevity

Blushinn offers affordable and stylish apparels that will suit different tastes. Do shop with them!!!



Saturday, 27 April 2013

Candy-tasting at LollyTalk - NEW flavours launched!

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Just this week, I was invited to a Candy-tasting session at LollyTalk. I'm actually a fan of handmade candies, just couldn't indulge in them anymore after putting on Invisalign. But I still love eating them!! Other than the pretty and amazingly complicated designs (Don't forget its handmade!!!), these candies taste really flavourful and yummy as well! I would definitely get 1 bottle for myself to bring to school if not for my braces!! 

Always a good way to keep myself awake during class!

Keep reading because you'll get to find out more about their pre launch of new flavours! Minty, spicy, or something soothing for your throat? Choose your pick!

I was greeted with shelves of colourful candies and lollipops. It's like walking into a candyland, and this reminded me of Sugar Rush in Wreck-it Ralph if you guys caught that movie!! Lychee, Lemon, Cranberry, Grape, Soursop, many flavours that you can think of! There's sure to be something that you like!

So let me tell you more about LollyTalk and its origin! 
"We are a homegrown candy maker from Singapore that makes our own rock candies fresh from scratch as all our candies are handmade. At LollyTalk, we are committed to making the best tasting quality candies and hence we are constantly on the lookout for new flavours to improve the taste of our candies. In addition, our candies can be customised for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. 
We secured an apprenticeship with Ross and Judy, who were the undisputed leaders in candy-making in Queensland. The couple won the title Grand Champion Rock Candy as well as multiple awards at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Australia’s premium fine food event that is held annually to give recognition to outstanding producers in the Australian fine food industry, including all its major candy and dessert makers. Being the Grand Champion of rock candy, Ross and Judy were awarded the gold medal for their fruit rock mix, silver medal for lollypops and bronze medal for design candy."
I've tasted them and it's really of great standard! Love it when sweet shops come out with new and innovative flavours. It's always good to try something unique and completely different. 

When I reached the place, they were preparing the candies, so I just stood and watch them. There's a glass panel separating the "kitchen" and the stall so customers can actually have a good view of what's happening in there. When they're done with the candies, they would pass around to let everyone try some free samples!! 

It's a pity that I cannot view the whole process from the start till the end!!

The melted candy is usually pulled into long strips before being cut into smaller pieces.

Watch the video to see how they make the candies! Sorry that I could only video the part where the candy is pulled and chopped into small pieces ): And btw, that isn't me talking in the video!!!

Check our their Chef Recommendation - 200g Fruit Rock Mix

This is perfect for people like me, who cannot decide on which flavours to pick and just love having surprises! Just open the jar, grab one and pop into your mouth. Then start guessing which flavour is it. Also great if you do not know which flavour to start with. 

Here's their fizzy drinks theme - Cola, Sarsi, Cream soda, etc. Would love to try this some day.

If you did not know, I LOVE SOUR SWEETS. My friends always think I'm crazy for pouring the sour powder into my mouth after finishing the sweets. But ohmygodddd sour sweets are the best! The more sour the better! And at LollyTalk, there's 3 different levels of sourness to suit different taste buds. I'm definitely going for the highest level - No. 3!! When I tasted it, I was like OMG :000 NICE! They might be coming out level 4 using Pillow sweets.

Pillow sweets are made by machine and therefore more flavour can be embedded into the centre of the sweet. This allows more sour powder to be placed in the sweet and who knows! They might really be coming out with LEVEL 4!!

For Candy Crush addicts! (Ahemmm.. like meee..) You can get this limited edition flavour which is the Candy Crush theme! Omg CANDY CRUSH SWEETS. Okayyy I should maintain myself :3 But look at the design! There's the cherry fruit, striped sweets and packet sweets. 

They even offer small jars of candies if you do not want to buy so much. The bottle size is so small that it looks really cute! You can buy it as a souvenir too!

Moving on to the NEW flavours that is launched just today! Was given 7 flavours to taste and I was then asked to rate which is my favourite flavour. I'll be naming them according to my taste preference.

Plum Guava
I like guava taste so much! I doubt I'll like plum usually, but this complements really well with the guava. And it's not too sweet, just nice for me! Nom nommmm :>

Menthol Grape
A very unique mint flavour. When I popped it into my mouth, what I tasted was strong grapes sweetness, but as the layers unfold, the menthol flavour start to fill in and it gave me a very refreshing feeling. Even my breath will felt fresher after that!

Spicy Mango
Wow, I've never tasted sweets that have chilli flavour. For a moment, I had to remind myself that I'm tasting a sweet. Just that this is a spicy sweet. Anyway, who said that sweets cannot taste spicy? It's up to your imagination!

Honey Lemon
Like lozenges, this gives a very soothing feeling. Now you can have sweets even when your throat isn't feeling well! Boyf tasted this and he is loving this so much. Oh and did I mention that this candy is made from NATURAL honey and lemon extract? Now you know why you can have this while you're sick!!

Menthol Honey Lemon
Really tasted like menthol. Refreshing and minty. A little too spicy for me in the centre as there's more menthol embedded into the pillow candy. But good for sore throats too!

Chilli Lime
Similar to the one which is mango-flavoured, this is made from Chilli as well. The only difference that this tasted more sour due to the lime. Like Sambal Chilli with lime. Recommended for those who love hot and spicy food!

Who will ever think of such a different and unique sweet concept! Something that differentiates LollyTalk from other candies is that they are more flavoured and they are definitely better in terms of innovation!

Got to bring home some candies of my favourite flavours too!


 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura 
#B2-20 Singapore 238839

Contact no: 6883 1569


Like their page @

24 Apr 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013

Movie Review: Long Weekend (2013) Thai Horror

Have you all catch the Long Weekend yet? I think Thai horror movies are always the best, because it's always scary enough and the plot is most of the time very interesting. No exception for Long Weekend as well! It's one of the best I've watched so far. 

"Thongsook is a shy, nerdy, childlike teenager who's always harassed and made fun of by his friends since he was a boy. Luckily Thongsook has a best friend in Nam, a girl who's grown up with him and looks after him whenever she can. When Thongsook and Nam enter college, they hang out with a new group of friends: Boy, Jack, Beam and Pui. As usual, these new friends enjoy making fun of Thongsook, a fate that the young man has to endure with hardly a protest. But one long weekend during school break, these bullies will experience something so terrifying that will forever change their idea about Thongsook. The whole gang take a trip to a deserted island in the middle of a lake but Thongsook is not invited despite Nam's insistence. However, once they arrive at the island, Thongsook shows up mysteriously. The pleasant vacation turns horribly wrong on the second night - it is Friday the 13th, known as The Night of the Devouring Ghosts."

Thongsook had a special but unfortunate ability to see ghosts and he revealed this dark secret to a girl called Nam whom he met at school when he was younger. He wears an amulet that wards off ghosts and dark spirits. The tension all started when he suggested to Nam to remove his amulet in order to experience seeing ghosts. 

Because of a mindless prank played on Thongsook during the vacation, it changed their lives forever. The story unfolds about how the evil spirits and ghosts living in this shrine are released on the Night of the Devouring Ghosts. It was a vacation gone wrong as Nam and her group of friends found themselves in danger where they have nowhere to escape. 

Spoiler #1: (Highlight to view it)
Thongsook lost his amulet, where the horror began. 

Weird spooky things started happening around Nam and her group of friends where they subsequently found out why all these were happening. But it was already too late. Like every horror movie, they started to die one by one.

One really spooky scene in the whole movie.

Spoiler #2: (Highlight to view it)
Thongsook was the cause behind all these

Spoiler #3: (Highlight to view it)
As long as the candle is still lighted, no ghosts can harm them. This is also one of the biggest twist.

Overall, I found this movie really interesting and terrifying. It captured my entire attention and it was really a thriller. I'm not one who can stand horror movies but at the same time, I just cannot resist watching them. It's like paying to get frightened. Irony huh. But this concept is rather different and at the same time, some part of the show is quite amusing and comical. There is even one scene in the movie which reminded us of Final Destination. GORE. I also loved the part where they were told that one of them was already dead among them. (Also shown in trailer) Long Weekend reminded me of the movie "Cabin in the Woods" whereby they had a similar concept of "A vacation went wrong". But I think that the story for that movie went overboard with overly exaggerated scenes which unfortunately ruined the whole show. (My boy liked that movie though) This seemed more realistic and the story line is built up really well. I would highly recommend any who love horror movies to watch this.

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars 

Watch the trailer below:

You will never forget this long weekend...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Birthday Celebration Part 3 ♥ Doggiestyle Cafe

I'm back with my 3rd Birthday Celebration post, must be getting bored of seeing all my Birthday Celebration posts right? But this time round, I celebrated really differently, and Bubu will be around too! If you have been reading, I posted once about Bubu over here! And he has grown this much!!

Read Part 1 and Part 2 here ♥

I just felt like I wanted something different this year, and because I really love dogs a lot, I requested my boyf to bring me to this Doggiestyle Cafe. (Ahemmm..Sounds really wrong :x) But it's just a cosy cafe for you to bring your pet dogs along! You can actually visit the place even if you do not have any dogs, just play with the other dogs over there! 

Really like this photo of me & Bubu! Cannot see his face here though, there'll be more below I promise!

We actually cabbed to Nex because sadly, public transport doesn't allow animals up the bus. And it's also quite impossible because Bubu is always scared of new environment and he just can't stop barking!! He's only 1 year old now. 

Little Bubu is so scared all the way, he kept lying on the ground not wanting to walk. So we had no choice but to carry him like a little baby. Let him get used to the outdoor environment outside first. 

"Hello little Bubu, what are you looking for??"

There's a Pet Safari located just beside the cafe so we went in to shop. The moment we enter, he just lied on the floor again. So we carry him. Silly boy, there's nothing to be scared of. Bought him a pink rope toy and also some chicken and cod strips. There's also a bakery store downstairs which sells baked food for dogs. We didn't get that as we couldn't mix and match. 

Doggiestyle Cafe

It was a Tuesday afternoon so unfortunately there wasn't many people. In total we only saw 2 dogs.. But maybe it's a great start for Bubu because he might be scared if the environment is too crowded. The cafe looks like a very cosy environment for dining, with floral pastel wooden chairs and pretty leopard and pink sofa seats. 

Don't worry that your pets will run out of the entrance because there will be a wooden gate and the door is SUPER HEAVY. I have to use some strength to push it open. So no worries :D

We took a comfy seat at the sofa but later on, I had difficulty eating my lunch!! But it was better to be on the sofa because Bubu kept pestering to climb up and sit beside us. 

There's a corner filled with Pets magazines and books to read if you're feeling bored too.

Here comes cute Bubu!

And we spotted another pretty female dog. She looked so classy and elegant! It's quite amusing because Bubu likes to interact with humans but kept running away from other dogs. I think we should really bring him out more often! 


Beef Bolognese

Didn't have high expectations on the food, after all, I came here because of Bubu. But I was rather surprised that the pasta tasted not bad! The flavour is strong and delicious. Just that the portion is a little too small for me. 

We also ordered Iced Mocha but it wasn't up to my standard. I'm too used to Starbucks standard!!

Doggiestyle Cafe also serves affordable dog food like Beef, Chicken, Pork, etc and even ICE-CREAM! Oh and also MACARONS!!!! The price range is from $5-9. Another kind owner gave us half a pack of the food though. And Bubu seemed to like it, usually he procrastinates when it's feeding time. Super pampered! He always wants someone to hand feed him. 

The cafe provides cake ordering services for your pet dogs as well, so that you can celebrate your dog's birthdays here and even hold parties!!! Even dogs get birthday parties, like WOW.

Photos of the 3 of us 

Sitting on this classy Leopard prints sofa. I want one at home too!!

Adorable Bubu thinking, "Hmm what's going on?"

After some time in the cafe, we brought him out for a little walk. And there is a Pets playground park just outside which belongs to Pet Safari. One is for the bigger dogs while this one is for the smaller dogs. But I think that Bubu is still too young to play anything like that yet. He don't even want to go into the tunnel. He just kept sniffing around.

Overall, I think this is a great place for you to bond with your pet dogs. But I think that we came at the wrong time, maybe the weekends or friday evenings would be much better! We will definitely come back again after we train Bubu to be braver hahah. Hopefully by then, he will interact more with other dogs too! 

Doggiestyle Cafe
23 Serangoon Central NEX 
#04R-72 Singapore 556083
Contact no: 6648 5485

Opening hours: 
Mon-Thurs: 1pm - 9pm
Friday : 1pm - 10pm 
Weekends,Public Holidays: 11am - 10pm

How to go there:
Face the shopping mall when standing at the taxi stand, then turn to your right. You will see that there's a direction telling you where is the Pets Lift. Follow that direction and go around the shopping mall. Take the lift up to 4R and you will see the cafe! 

Really enjoyed my birthday with my boy & Bubu!! ♥♥

Celebrated on 17 Apr 2013 (Actual date)