Monday, 29 April 2013

[AD] Blushinn

Sponsored Advertorial:

Are you ready for more pretty and affordable apparels?? 

Blushinn kindly sponsored me with 3 outfits and I just realized that I got all 3 in the colours of BLACK & WHITE. It may sound dull, but it's actually really easy to match with your clothes! You can always spice it up with colourful accessories to stand out.

Topshop inspired Peplum Top in Black
(There's another white version)

I'm really loving this top. I used to think that peplum tops aren't pretty. But I think that this look made me change my mind. Just pair it with a simple black bandage skirt with bright accessories to achieve that feminine and sophisticated style with a modern flair. 

Sometimes the simplest outfit stands out the most!

Similarly, you can wear it with shorts for a more casual and playful look. If you love it in one-piece, get the Peplum Dress from Blushinn!

Boy London Tank Top (Not available anymore)

Simple and fun-looking. Sometimes, you just got to have these kind of simple yet trendy tops to keep in your wardrobe collection. You can easily mix and match with different shorts and outerwear to achieve different looks. 

I wore this out for a casual date with my boyf last thursday!

If you want to go for Boy London apparels, you can get the Boy London Tee instead!

Snowflake Pullover
(There's another white version)

Are you looking for any winter clothes to go for an overseas trip at Hokkaido or Japan? Blushinn offers pullovers have different thickness so that you can choose to wear it for your winter trip or in SG. It's great to wear on a comfy pullover on days that you're really lazy. And it covers up your body since it's loose-fitting so no more worrying how your body looked on that day. Because you will still look awesome in any way!

Love the intricate snowflake designs on this pullover! 

Check out some of their NEWLY LAUNCHED products and also their available collection of dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwears, bags and accessories!

Blushinn also sells coffee for the COFFEE LOVERS. 

Organo Gold Coffee uses high quality coffee beans and added an extra ingredient Ganoderma Lucidium. Commonly known as “LingZhi”. 

Oxygenates the body
Provides more energy
Support circulation
Provides more vigor
Supports quality of sleep
Supports natural body detoxification
Support the immune system
Promotes health and longevity

Blushinn offers affordable and stylish apparels that will suit different tastes. Do shop with them!!!



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