Friday, 19 April 2013

Birthday Celebration Part 1 ♥ BBQ

I'm FINALLY 20 years old already! :D (Okayyy, I know my face doesn't tell that I'm 20..)
But I'm so glad that I celebrated thrice! My family would always hold an annual party with my closest and only relatives in SG. This time I chose BBQ because Shiu Heng's family just moved house to a nearby Condo and their BBQ pit is just awesome. A very very very big pity that the aircon room is already not available when they tried to book a month ago ): 

BUT!! We're still very lucky because it was sheltered (Only quite lousily), but it still sheltered us from the stormy weather later on!! The whole SG is complaining about the weather that night.

Featuring Pastel Printed Top - Ice-cream Cone Design sponsored by Thisire
I'm also wearing the heart-shaped white gold necklace which is my 18th year old Bday gift from my parents.

The BBQ pit did not require any charcoal as well so it was very convenient and also non-polluted in a way. Love it when we have the entire area to ourselves. And even a fridge!! The aircon room is even better, because it has a TV! :0 

Later on, it was pouring SOOOOOOO heavily that we had to shift the table in, and still getting sprayed by some rainwater, pfffff.  

A Jacuzzi just beside our BBQ pit too! But I didn't try it haha.

We had the cake cutting session at their house too. I used to have Swensens Ice-cream cakes yearly, but I decided to have a change because of the 50% off Obolo whole cakes which I've mentioned briefly in my previous posts. After all, it's super worth it and Obolo cakes are super delicious! Flavour is Tiramisu au Chocolat!! Original price 22x22cm: S$112+

Super yummy, I had 2 slices!!

Photos snapping time!

My lovely family

Two families together

With my sweet boyf

Brother & Cousin

Really grateful to have my closed ones celebrating with me! 

Celebrated in advance on 13th Apr 2013

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