Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blogshop Ethics - Blacklisting

This post isn't directed to anyone. I'm just stating in general. If you're hating this post, I suggest you do some reflection upon yourself first (:

Blacklist entries.

So what are they? Basically, Blogshop owners create photo album(s) which they called as "Blacklisted customers". A few photos of the conversation are usually posted up for evidence, followed by their private information (for some) and the reason behind why they're "blacklisted".

Sometimes, even complaining about the most trivial stuff on their status. Just let me name a few that I have seen.

  • Asked for size and when they say they will pass, you mock at them for being too fat
Can't it be the other way round? I'm wearing XS-S sizes so if it's M size, obviously I cannot fit into it. Besides, so what if she is really wearing L size, who are you to criticise other people.

  • Asked if your brand new clothes is having defect
Seriously?? I know it may be redundant to ask such a question, but if you're selling at such a low price, people might still suspect that the item is defect and therefore you're letting it go cheaply.


  • Asked loads of questions and not buy in the end
I have always encountered this issue and I've got to admit that this makes me mad too. But you're the seller, and they're the customers. They have the RIGHT to ask questions before they buy from you. No matter how ridiculous it is, you have to answer it. If not, don't sell the item for goodness sake.

  • Customers backing out after they have confirmed on buying the item 

Why are you even paying in advance for your customers for preorder items? If you know this would happen all the time, create a strict rule that all orders MUST be paid before ordering or collected. Yes, I understand that many younger girls cannot pay via ATM transfer or do postage due to various reasons. Go to the bank to do a deposit and then discuss for meetup. Simple. 

If they do not trust you, build trust and reputation by uploading evidences of positive feedback on your page. Ask them nicely to look at your feedback column and if they are still doubtful about it, tell them politely that it is their choice whether a not to buy from you. If they are super problematic, then just stop selling to them. Stop giving them chances if they're taking it for granted.

  • Customers keep changing meetup time and you travel so far for nothing
This is what I always do. I only meet up at my own convenience or do postage. If you do not want to do it my way, then same advice for you: Always make them pay first. And if they fail to meetup with you, ask them to self-collect at your house to be fair to both parties. Always state this in your Terms & Conditions.

Guess the reason behind all these Blacklist entries is because you need to warn others. That's not a very smart way to do so. Why not create an album and post solutions instead? The Blogshop world would be a much better place.
Well, you might say that customer service isn't important here because you're not working for somebody, but self-employed in a way.

Then the least thing you could do is to post their information up on the Internet. It's super unethical and also very immature. You're shaming the Blogshop owners. There can only be an exception where you reveal other Blogshop links because they're scamming people. But it should never be applied to customers no matter how wrong they are.

And a piece of advice to any Blogshop owners out there, if you can't afford the risk to lose your money, DON'T order for your customers in advance. Simple as that. Why create so many problems for yourself and then make a fuss out of it? 

So what are your views on this? (:


  1. Hi! I have a burning question but I never knew who to ask. I've always wondered why only blogshop owners blacklist their customers but no customer ever blacklists blogshop owners for being unreasonable. For example, a blogshop owner did not state that the product is not true to pic, and when you receive your product, shockingly your black words on the shirt is actually yellow. Very different. What are your views on this? Would people actually care if their seller had been blacklisted before?

    1. Hello! I have actually come across some Facebook groups that states the whole list of blacklisted blogshop owners as well (Can't remember the name though). Customers would post up evidence and the blogshop name to warn others from being scammed by them. The best thing to do before purchasing from any online shops is to read their customer reviews first (: If I am doubtful of the shop, I usually rather not buy.