Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cute babies are hard to resist!

She's only 1 week old! Aries baby like her mum and me ^^

I swear she's super cute, I go awwww at almost all her photos. And I just go over and over to see the photos like I'm having some baby craze. Friends told me that I should just have a baby :0 I think I love playing with babies, but I can't take up the responsibility..

I think mothers are really great to make such big sacrifices.. They can endure the pain for 9 months and the giving birth process, still have to take up lifetime responsibility of their own kid. 


Congratulations Cy & Iris!!! You have a very adorable daughter ^_^

For a newborn, I think she's really active and cute. Always smiling and giving cute expressions. Must be a happy baby. This is also one of my favourite photo of her smiling. 

I'm just gonna spam so much photos of her. 

When babies open their mouth, they just look so cute. It's like you want to reach out your finger to touch their lips and chubby face. Or maybe pinch them :3

She's always smiling so much!!!! 

I think everyone would smile looking at this photo. 

Sleep until mittens also falling out haha (:

I told Iris that I will be making a video for Jenell's FIRST MONTH. Will be collating all the photos into a video file :D And I even bought Jenell something already, excited to see her soon! 

Best wishes for this lovely family of yours ت

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