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Food treats at Katong112 [#1] Canton Paradise

Katong 112 has always been one of my favourite places to go to. It's a rather small shopping mall, but filled with delicious & yummy food either inside the mall or nearby. And most importantly, there's arcade and GV cinema! I'll be sharing on 3 different restaurants - Canton Paradise, Obolo, Yomenya Goemon.

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Black Tube
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Black Leather Jacket (Not shown here)

This outfit looks sweet but I added the leather jacket to have a slight edgy look.

"Savour the exquisite gastronomy essence of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise, a new culinary concept by Paradise Group Holdings. Canton Paradise defines oriental chic with its vibrant chirpy interiors and captures the essence of Hong Kong with its offering of nostalgic Cantonese cuisine such as roast meats, traditional dim sum, congees and noodles. Relish the finest of Cantonese fare and pursue the love affair of Hong Kong with Canton Paradise."
It's really hard to find Hong Kong cuisine at a good standard in Singapore. There is, but only a few, and Canton Paradise is one of them. Besides, the price range over here is really affordable, for students like me.

BBQ Meat Rice 2 varieties (双拼饭)
(水晶三芭鸡 Steamed Chicken in Canton Style + 肥婆叉烧 BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce )

One of my ALL-TIME favourite dish!

You'd probably think that a plate of Chicken and Charsiew rice is cheaper anywhere in SG hawker centres and food court. But this charsiew is different, it has so much yummy FATS in it. The whole texture is very tender and juicy, makes it easier to chew on as well. The chicken is also very smooth and you can always upgrade your meat to drumstick with additional charges!

I would highly recommend you to try on the various BBQ varieties -  脆皮烧鸭, 烧肉,蜜汁叉烧 and more!

BBQ Pork Noodle (SOUP) 蜜汁叉烧面 (汤)

A pity that you cannot order noodles with the BBQ pork belly, it's so much nicer than the normal ones. But the noodle was great and cooked to the right texture! I've tried it many times before, simply delicious and irresistible as the noodle strands are springy and firm. Hate it when those lousy restaurants serve Wanton noodles that give the soup some alkaline taste. Yucks. 

BBQ Honey Pork Bun (蜜汁叉烧包)

Buns are not to my liking, but my boy managed to finish all 3 of them :0 I would recommend the Crispy BBQ Honey Pork Bun 脆皮叉烧包 instead though! My family never fails to order that all the time when we dine at Canton Paradise. 

Iced Yuan Yang (鸳鸯)

Yuan Yang is a type of drink which has a mixture of both coffee and tea, also pronounced as Yinyeung in Cantonese. 

Texture is super important when you drink HK coffee, milk tea or Yuan Yang. And this one is the closest I have found, as compared to those restaurants in HK. Smooth, creamy texture with a rich and bitter-sweet flavour. I introduced this drink to my boyf once and he instantly fell in love with this drink. 

Perhaps you could order the Original chilled version (原味冰镇鸳鸯/ 奶茶) for just 20 cents more. The original HK version should be a cup of drink placed in a bowl of ice so it is chilled while you're drinking it. But in Canton Paradise, only the ice is removed. The drink was already refrigerated at the start.

Some promotions:
S$1 Steamed Chicken in Canton style (U.P $28) with min. spend of S$60 (T&C applied)

I have also joined their Membership programme some time ago and I've already accumulated $56 in my rebate points so far! I think it's super worth it because the moment you join their programme, you're already awarded 32 points = $32 (For online sign up), this means that you don't have to fork out extra money! 

I'm currently enjoying 20% rebate instead of 10% due to my birthday month! Love it when it's April because I will enjoy from many freebies and vouchers from all my restaurant membership :D

Canton Paradise:
Tel: 6344 8201

We're never enough of FOOD!

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