Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Food treats at Katong112 [#3] Yomenya Goemon

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Tempted by the spaghetti display over here? Haha, honestly, these kind of food displays have never tempted me much. I know they look super colourful and also realistic but I just never bothered much about it. But I've decided to pull my boyf to this restaurant to try because after trying it once with my family, I have been craving for it once in awhile! Since we didn't have much special places that we want to dine at, we settled at Yomenya Goemon (What a hard name to remember.. :0)

"The only place that gives you the perfect union of imported Italian ingredients, traditional cooking methods and tastefully designed restaurant decor! Throughout the past 34 years, Yomenya Goemon has not only reinvented the way to eat spaghetti, they have re-interpreted the idea of spaghetti in the minds of the Japanese. Here, patrons enjoy their pasta by slurping it up with chopsticks!"

Just look at the menu, headache for indecisive people like me.. I took really long to ponder and decide with what I want. I'm like deciding between this, this this & that. And maybe this again. I'm like "OMG I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO PICK!!!"

 After making so much choices, I decided to order the Half-Half Set A (S$20.90) which is for 2 person but of slightly smaller portion - About the size of a large plate split into 2. I think the sets are really worth it for slightly smaller eaters. Ordering individual ala-carte would cost roughly S$13.50-15 each instead..

We have big appetite though, just thought of saving money since we had something earlier on. Besides, it would be much cheaper, and the set comes with a soup, and either a drink or dessert. Of course desserts are more worth the price!!

Spaghetti Margarita 

I have no idea why my portion is so much smaller than my boy's order! UNFAIR ): 

Crab, Shrimp and Scallop with Cream Sauce

Overall taste of both was equally good. Why did I choose to come here for the spaghetti? Usually some does not have the taste of the sauce. You can taste that the sauce and the spaghetti is just 2 different components of the dish. But at Yomenya Goemon, the spaghetti is mixed very very well with the sauce. The noodles are neither too soft or hard, and best of all, it is served at quite a hot temperature. Bad thing is that you cannot add extra cheese, there is no cheese toppings at the side of the table! :0

Cheesecake with Strawberry Ice-cream

A mouthwatering plate of dessert. Cheesecake is not bad, but the ice cream is really yummy. The taste of the strawberry ice cream is so pure and sweet, like those real Japanese strawberry sorbet. I dislike those with artificial strawberry taste. It's almost like they just added those 1 drop flavouring. This is different (: Strawberry syrup is usually not to my liking, but I almost scooped the whole plate clean!! Whip cream was tasteless but that's okay! 

Yomenya Goemon:
Tel: 6636 3692

I would definitely come back to this place for more and I would try some other spaghetti next time!

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