Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mon's Nailstore Advertorial #1

Girls like YOU & ME love dolling up and most of us just love having fancy and beautiful nails. But admit it, most girls like me are really lazy. No matter how much I like doing manicure, I just can't spare some time to do intricate designs on my nails. With a vain character that most of us were born with, we just have to cover up our plain nails with something colourful and pretty.

At times, when we're really lazy or busy, Colour Changing Polish would do the job perfectly 
The colour of the polish changes accordingly to the surrounding temperatures as well as your own nails. It works especially well if you have longer finger nails. Because then, the white tip of your nail would be cooler than the inner one, causing two different shades of colour due to different temperature.

Now, you can have a gradient of two different colours on the same nail


Have different colours on your nails when you walk in and out of a shopping centre!

I think it's pretty cool huh? :D

1. Dark pink/ Light pink Colour Changing Polish 

2. Purple/ Sky Blue Colour Changing Polish (HOT-SELLING)

3. Blue/ Purple Colour Changing Polish

 4. Grey/ Pink Colour Changing Polish

5. Fuchsia/ Pink Colour Changing Polish

6. Green/ Yellow Colour Changing Polish

7. Orange/ Yellow Colour Changing Polish

8. Purple/ Pink Colour Changing Polish

9. Red/ Pink Colour Changing Polish

10. Violet/ White Colour Changing Polish

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