Friday, 26 April 2013

Movie Review: Long Weekend (2013) Thai Horror

Have you all catch the Long Weekend yet? I think Thai horror movies are always the best, because it's always scary enough and the plot is most of the time very interesting. No exception for Long Weekend as well! It's one of the best I've watched so far. 

"Thongsook is a shy, nerdy, childlike teenager who's always harassed and made fun of by his friends since he was a boy. Luckily Thongsook has a best friend in Nam, a girl who's grown up with him and looks after him whenever she can. When Thongsook and Nam enter college, they hang out with a new group of friends: Boy, Jack, Beam and Pui. As usual, these new friends enjoy making fun of Thongsook, a fate that the young man has to endure with hardly a protest. But one long weekend during school break, these bullies will experience something so terrifying that will forever change their idea about Thongsook. The whole gang take a trip to a deserted island in the middle of a lake but Thongsook is not invited despite Nam's insistence. However, once they arrive at the island, Thongsook shows up mysteriously. The pleasant vacation turns horribly wrong on the second night - it is Friday the 13th, known as The Night of the Devouring Ghosts."

Thongsook had a special but unfortunate ability to see ghosts and he revealed this dark secret to a girl called Nam whom he met at school when he was younger. He wears an amulet that wards off ghosts and dark spirits. The tension all started when he suggested to Nam to remove his amulet in order to experience seeing ghosts. 

Because of a mindless prank played on Thongsook during the vacation, it changed their lives forever. The story unfolds about how the evil spirits and ghosts living in this shrine are released on the Night of the Devouring Ghosts. It was a vacation gone wrong as Nam and her group of friends found themselves in danger where they have nowhere to escape. 

Spoiler #1: (Highlight to view it)
Thongsook lost his amulet, where the horror began. 

Weird spooky things started happening around Nam and her group of friends where they subsequently found out why all these were happening. But it was already too late. Like every horror movie, they started to die one by one.

One really spooky scene in the whole movie.

Spoiler #2: (Highlight to view it)
Thongsook was the cause behind all these

Spoiler #3: (Highlight to view it)
As long as the candle is still lighted, no ghosts can harm them. This is also one of the biggest twist.

Overall, I found this movie really interesting and terrifying. It captured my entire attention and it was really a thriller. I'm not one who can stand horror movies but at the same time, I just cannot resist watching them. It's like paying to get frightened. Irony huh. But this concept is rather different and at the same time, some part of the show is quite amusing and comical. There is even one scene in the movie which reminded us of Final Destination. GORE. I also loved the part where they were told that one of them was already dead among them. (Also shown in trailer) Long Weekend reminded me of the movie "Cabin in the Woods" whereby they had a similar concept of "A vacation went wrong". But I think that the story for that movie went overboard with overly exaggerated scenes which unfortunately ruined the whole show. (My boy liked that movie though) This seemed more realistic and the story line is built up really well. I would highly recommend any who love horror movies to watch this.

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars 

Watch the trailer below:

You will never forget this long weekend...