Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shopping & eating with Siyuh @ BUGIS

Its been ages since I met up with Siyuh! We have been meeting occasionally to study, but I think this might be the first time that we went out shopping! Because this girl here doesn't like shopping in the past. I'm trying to psycho her to try new stuff! In a good way of course haha. 

Okay.. I still cannot believe that it has been 7 years and we haven't officially went for shopping once :0 Never mind, we shall do it more often in the future!

We decided on SWENSENS for lunch, because I just had to claim my free Sundae for my birthday month and there's double rebate points too! So many privileges when it's my birthday to the extent that I'm trying my best to claim all the free things by end of this month!!

There's lunch promotion on weekdays - For every main course we order, there will be either a free SIDE/ DRINKS/ DESSERT.

Treasure Island Float (Coke)
S$1 only!! That's because members are entitled to a $1 top up for drinks/ Free Iced tea or coffee

We were quite disturbed by the fact that the table was very cramped and small and we kept knocking things over because of the really small space. Even our chairs couldn't be moved backwards. So here came the Coke Float and both of our reactions were "Why on earth did they give us the plate!"

Here's the answer below..

Fish & Chips
"Golden fried fish fillet, served with homemade tartar sauce, U.S. fries and coleslaw"
Also a signature dish in Swensens

Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns 
"Spaghetti traditionally prepared Aglio Olio style, infused with Laksa flavoured pesto and served with succulent king prawns"

One of my favourite dish in Swensens. 

The big and juicy fresh prawns is already a PLUS point for the pasta. And pesto is something that always attracts my attention and cravings. Thank god I asked them to put less Pesto, because once, they added really a lot into the pasta and the taste of the pesto was OVERLY excessively overwhelming that it was such an unpleasant experience. This time round, it was close to perfect. Pesto goes well with so many things! Like chicken, salmon. Would be so yummy!

Rodeo Wings
"Golden fried chicken wings tossed with BBQ sauce and crushed black pepper"

This was Siyuh's order but she couldn't finish so I helped her ate more than half. Wasn't expecting much because pepper and BBQ sauce are not my usual liking. But on my first bite, I just fell in love with the tenderness of the chicken meat. It was so easy to chew on with appropriate amount of fats that I love :3 The BBQ sauce wasn't too salty and the pepper was there to complement the taste, not destroy it. 

This is really highly recommended by me! I would definitely order it again and this could be the reason why I will visit Swensens the next time!

Baked Mussels
"Six half-shelled mussels delectably baked with butter garlic and cheese"

Butter always goes well with garlic! And I've never tried cheesy mussels before, this is super flavoursome. Looks a little too heavy, but I finished them all by myself! 

The Rock (My birthday month treat from Swensens)
"This delightful treat brings you 3 signature ice-cream flavours, Hazelnut, Cookies 'N' Cream, and Rocky Road, garnished with marshmallow sauce, hot caramel, cocoa pops, and wafers from Italy"

"Otherwise known as Alcatraz Island located at San Francisco Bay, The Rock was originally developed to house the federal prison. To create the famous sea fog of San Francisco Bay cast over Alcatraz Island, this dessert is served on a bed of dry ice!"

Was a little disappointed because the whip cream and ice-cream was already melting when it was served. See, it doesn't even look very appetizing from the photo. But the wafers were awesome. The texture was very firm, and not too sweet for my taste buds too! Shared this with Siyuh since I didn't like the Chocolate flavour and she likes it. Hazelnut ice cream is always one of my usual choices because it tastes like Chocolate + Coffee. 

A photo of us with a table filled with plates of food. I can't believe I finish one main course, almost 2 full side dishes, Sundae and still don't feel very full :D

Went for shopping @ Bugis Street. Here's my shopping haul. Siyuh bought 2 tops too! 

Crop top + Fringe + Beads dangling + Peacock feather design = PERFECT

I went home immediately to try on everything and this fits like perfectly! It's so pretty! I'm thinking of saving this for my USS trip with my uni friends until I got my hands on something prettier!

I used to have this this leopard craze, okayyy maybe even now. But this is a little tight, it actually fits quite well, but I prefer crop tops with looser fitting. Let me know if you're interested to buy it, I might want to let it go! 

Another gorgeous piece. Simple cutting yet colourful prints! 

This bag is furry with leopard prints! I guess it's a little too big but I just can't resist from the "leopard prints" temptation. Sometimes I just need a HUGE casual bag to keep all my stuff.

Make up pouch
Water bottle
Umbrella (sometimes)
Cardholder (Full of my member cards)
& some other things I need to throw in..

Now you know why I need such a big bag!!!

Had a great day! More shopping soon!

19th Apr 2013

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