Monday, 22 April 2013

Birthday Celebration Part 2 ♥ The Line Buffet @ Shangri-la

I'm so lucky to have my birthday celebrated so many times thanks to my family ^^ I actually requested casually to have Buffet for dinner, never knew that they would actually book my favourite hotel Buffet - The Line @ Shangri-La Hotel!!! I was extremely surprised and excited! Because they serve the best seafood choices and also a huge variety of other food. 

OOTD// Dressy occasion
Convertible blue dress which can wear many MANY ways
Cotton On Black flats (I don't have a pair of heels at home.. Going to get soon)
Black ribbon bag from HK Sogo

Unlike other buffets where the buffet area is really small and you can view all from one look, The Line is very spacious and spread out where you can walk from one end to the other to enjoy delicious and high quality food. Like what my mum said, "Walking around the buffet stations to take food is also an enjoyment!" 

There was also free flow of wine, beer and drinks on that day!! But of course I picked my favourite Pink Guava Juice. I couldn't stop drinking that ever since I went for Breakfast buffets when I'm at overseas. 

Look at the scrumptious spread of Seafood. The Seafood Section offers a wide variety of Lobster, Prawns, Scallops, Clam, Crab pincers, Crayfish, etc and they all looked so appetizing and delicious.  The lobsters were most wanted among the rest as there were already not much left when we arrived. But not to worry, because the food will be replenished to satisfy everyone's hunger and cravings.


The Crab pincers looked extremely tantalizing! Every piece is so big and meaty and it is so convenient to consume because the chef has already cut the parts for us. I can just eat as many as I wish without causing much pain or blisters to my fingers anymore! 

The bamboo clam tasted not bad but it was a major turn off to see black-looking intestine stuff inside. Besides, I still prefer bamboo clam served with garlic, soy sauce, spring onion and chilli like those in Jumbo restaurant. Lobster was fresh and had a succulent taste! One of the few items that all of us aimed for first.

WARNING: Photo spam (Don't blame me if you get hungry!! :P)

I had a generous amount of Sashimi too! You can just request for the type of Sashimi you want, and the chef will just slice it for you. They even offer SALMON BELLY! With super good standard. Fresh and pleasant to my taste buds. 

Sushi Bar

Cheese Section with crackers, apricots, nuts 
(I've never tried Cheese sections in Buffet before, in my whole life I think? Maybe I should try next time..)

Salad Bar

DIY your own salad bowl with the different garnishing and toppings!

Huge Salmon 

Bread Corner

My boyf always likes to go for bread, okayyy at least he eats all the expensive stuff though .__.

Satay Section with various sauce dressing

There's also many other food that are not shown here - Cooked food, Noodles Corner, etc

Desserts are always so irresistible even when we're quite bloated towards the end. Always looking so colourful and delightful. Wished that I had the appetite to finish every one of them. Their desserts are always of premium standard, which is great! Because some buffets serve cakes which only have the looks, but not the taste unfortunately. I was hoping that I could spot Macarons but nope ): 

The Dessert Section offers a huge variety of cakes such as the Coffee Roulade, Vanilla Cassis, Chocolate Nutty cake, Wild Berries Yoghurt cake, Banana Cherry Crumble, Brownie, assorted tarts, Chocolate Eclair, various mousses and more

So much to choose from that I had a hard time picking out my favourites! Brownies and Banana Crumble are my favourite so far! If you have been reading my blog, you would notice that I prefer desserts that are not to sweet, but at the same time heavily flavoured. That means it must have the original taste of the cake with no excessive sugar or flavourings. 

Now take a look at all these yummy looking desserts! I want to savour them all!

A buffet isn't a buffet without the grand Chocolate Fondue, with velvety luscious Chocolate overflowing the "fountain". Even though I'm not a fan of Chocolate, I just cannot resist the temptation to go over, poke a small Marshmallow on the stick and dip it in the fondue. Then pop it into my mouth. I don't really like the taste very much, but it just happens that I like the process of doing it :D

If you're feeling thirsty, you can walk over to the Fruits Counter to have some refreshing bites. 

But I'll just skip that and go over to the Ice-cream Station instead! Because I got excited over this flavour - COCONUT. I don't usually get to eat Coconut flavoured ice-cream outside, except during Buffets, so it's a great opportunity! There's also other flavours such as Raspberry, Lychee sorbet, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate. 

Here are the different sweet toppings - Gummy bears "Childhood sweet", Sour sweets, Chocolate & rainbow flakes, and marshmallows go really well with ice-cream! I prefer the smaller ones but this works great too. 

My boy just went "AHHHHH got gummy bear?!" :0000

♥ Photo of ALL OF US ♥

There was a mini surprise as the staff walked towards me with a cake and they sang "Happy Birthday" together with my family and boyf. Was happy but they came while I was gorging my brownie down ): Such an awkward moment to do so.

Making my second wish! *GREEDY ME*

Here's a Polaroid picture they took for us, love it! 

Satisfied and happy girl at the end of the day ♥

The Line
22 Orange Grove Rd
Singapore 258350
Lower Lobby, Tower Wing
Contact: 6213 4275

Breakfast Buffet: $39++ (adult), $20++ (child)

Lunch Buffet: Monday to Friday:
                     $49 (adult), $26 (child)
      $55 (adult), $26 (child)
             $98 / $138 (adult), $26 (child)

Dinner Buffet: Monday and Wednesday:
            $72 (adult), $36 (child)
                  Tuesday and Thursday (Marine Harvest):
             $92 (adult), $36 (child)
             Friday and Saturday:
             $78 (adult), $36 (child)
      $72 (adult), $36 (child)

Credit card Promotion for The Line @ Shangri-la:
DBS/ POSB: 15% off total food & beverage bill
HSBC: 10% off total food & beverage bill
Standard Chartered: 10% off total food & beverage bill

Promotion ends: 31 December 2013

Celebrated on 16 Apr 2013


  1. the seafood looks awesome, especially the crab pincers! I guess it's worth the price :)

    1. Yup it definitely is!! :D One of the best I've had so far.

  2. Do they have any discounts for biirthdays?

    1. I'm afraid not.. But you can check their website as there are some special promotions or credit/debit card promotions sometimes! (: