Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Spicy Faceoff at Mcdonalds

Have you all tried THE SPICY FACEOFF at Mcdonalds yet! 
I wasn't attracted by the flames on the poster but the Lychee McFizz instead! LYCHEE!!! (>_<) It's so sinful because I just had Domino's Pizza for lunch and now Mcdonalds for dinner :0 What to do, I'm so in love with food!

My boy ordered the Double Black Pepper Flamer (NEW)

Two whole muscle chicken cooked in a crispy spicy black pepper batter - It's double the spice for double the black pepper thrill!

I personally dislike the taste of the pepper. Pepper in soup tastes good, but not on chicken or meat. I took a bite and I think the taste is overpowering. But again, this is my personal preference and I think that it is rather subjective. Pepper lovers might still love this. After all, putting aside my dislikes for pepper on chicken, I think its done pretty well. 

I ordered my usual fave McSpicy (McWings is still #1)

Boneless chicken thigh meat, tender, juicy and coated in a crispy batter that has an added spicy kick. Topped with crispy lettuce and a cooling creamy sauce to help put out the fire in your mouth.

It looks like double in here, but nope it isn't! I don't usually go for burgers. I just don't like them. #picky-eater. I feel that patties are usually not really tender and nice. But McSpicy is different! Although it's boneless (And I prefer chicken with bones), the meat is really juicy and tender, with hot chilli oil in it. Could feel the spiciness once I sink my teeth into it. Usually it's really really spicy for me, but today seems like I can tolerate the spiciness, strange :/

Citrus Thai Shaker Fries

I've heard that this shaker fries tastes like Tom Yam soup but I got carried away and forgot about the word 'citrus'. I hated that lime taste which covered the whole 'Tom yam' taste away. It tasted sour and I was quite disappointed. I still love the seaweed shaker fries. It's still the best choice among the shaker fries!

Lychee McFizz

And finally to the one which got my attention! The mixture of Lychee and Sprite is just so thirst-quenching!! I couldn't have enough of it! And it diluted really quickly that it tasted quite bland after some time ): I would love to have it again some time, but next time I will order with less ice! Or maybe I should stir it really really well first. But the sweetness and fizziness of the drink is just goodness overload!

So which do you vote for! McSpicy or Black Pepper Flamer!

I'll go for McSpicy!

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