Thursday, 30 May 2013

[AD] Is your phone always running out of battery?

I think phone users of all sorts - iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, etc, ALL HAVE THE SAME IRRITATING PROBLEM


Not enough battery to last, but got battery to keep spamming you notification. 

I think that the iPhone battery cannot even last me half a day! 

SILVERTEC PORTABLE CHARGER saves the day phone battery! 

Continue reading, my readers will get a special discount!

1 year warranty!!!

● Easy to use
Just plug it in for instant power

● Powerful
Charge and power almost ALL portable devices anytime (Includes DC3.5 switch, Apple, Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia DC2.0, Sony PSP)

In other words, as long as you have the USB cable to your phone, you can still charge it.

● Long lasting
Guaranteed to provide lasting using time for almost ALL electronic devices 

● Versatile
Charge and discharge at the same time

● Safe
Charge, temperature and short circuit protection (Sanyo Cell from Japan)

It is known that some unknown battery chargers are very likely to damage your phone. 

● Cool
Help keep unwanted heat out of your device

I have three different featured models 2600mAh/ 5200mAh / 7800mAh 

- 2600mAH can charge about 1 to 2 iPhones

- 5200mAh can roughly charge about 3 to 4 iPhones
(With 2 ports it's slightly more expensive)

- 7800mAh charger has 2 ports and can charge about 5 to 6 iPhones and 2 phones at a time

(Depends how much mAh is your phone)

Quote MON001 to get 20% off 

2600mAh: S$35.90 S$28.70
5200mAh: S$59.00 S$47.20
7800mAh: S$79.00 S$63.20

*Subject to availability*
(The charger is mainly in white colour, only the sides are coloured)

*New designs with whole charger coloured available*

Product is guaranteed of good quality and there's 1 year warranty

P.S. My family is using it and I have friends buying it from me as well. Rest assured that the product is from the authentic brand!

So hurry and get yours now before your phone battery dies again.  
Comment below or email me at for any enquiries/ order!

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