Sunday, 26 May 2013

Addiction for Buffets // Marriot Hotel

I have this recent addiction and craze towards buffets, have no idea why. I guess that's the reason why I have put on more weight recently. In which!! It's a good thing for me provided the fats don't go to my waist. People tell me that I have to eat more and grow more. But some have no idea how much I eat every single day :/ Ain't a good thing to be skinny, so stop envying. 

Anyway, here's some FOOD PORN for you all. Taken during the High-tea buffet at Marriot Hotel. Fresh and succulent prawns to make you drool! I probably ate about 10 prawns on that day. Saw the oysters at the back? Mehhhhh. They tasted so weird and unfresh. I immediately spat some out after tasting it. 

Sushi was at mediocre standard and there were no Sashimi. Can't expect much because not all high-tea buffet serves seafood. I would prefer seafood over sashimi. 

Want to make your own Rojak?

If there's no Sashimi, maybe you can go for some smoked salmon instead? I cannot tell if smoked salmon is nice because I personally don't really like eating it. I'm quite a picky eater.

But the salad corner was great! Really fresh vege with a variety of condiments and sauces. My favourite is Thousand Island! Still the best salad dressing ever. 

Freshly baked bread, looks delicious too.

I immediately went for a hot bowl of Laksa after going for a few rounds of prawns. You can DIY your own bowl of laksa and I added some other things like Crab meat which isn't even supposed to be in Laksa in the first place. But I love it this way :3 

After they helped you cook your bowl of noodles, you can just scoop the hot soup into your bowl.

I was so glad that I ate this earlier because not long later, the white noodles are out of stock and they are not refilling anymore. Something that disappoints us at the end of the day because they are not refilling the nice food that are not available.. I think that's not a very nice thing to do because customers like us will feel upset. And laksa noodles are not the only food item that is not available. 

Ice-kachang. I would prefer my ice-kachang coming out from the Ice machine though. Sometimes its the process that is fun! 

Ice-cream corner with lots of gummy bear sweets. My bro & I took a bowl of it to just eat the sweets! Childhood sweets and still loving it. I need a packet of it to survive in school ):

Desserts and pastries which don't taste really nice. Didn't bother taking anymore. 

Some refreshing fruits to quench your thirst!

Overall, the food was average, some delicious and some not at all. You probably won't want to come here if you're not a fan of prawns. Food that were out of stock not available for refill and they would replace it with something else. But white noodles for Laksa being out of stock is something unacceptable for me because many people likes to have Laksa at buffets. Not forgetting that the time was still early when they stopped refilling the empty plates. 

But I shall be contented because I still enjoy the time spent with my family. And it was also a belated Mother's Day celebration because my father and I wasn't free on the actual day. My father went on a business trip while I was working. Sorry mum! But I still love you even if you're not reading this :D

Thank you for everything you have given me for the past 20 years. And all the sweet messages are here for you. 

A photo of us ♥

P.S. My brother has baking talents, he baked the Mocha cheesecake. He has taken over my "baking job" hahaha!


19 May 2013


  1. yum yum! I love the cold seafood best esp when its fresh!

    1. Yup! Sadly the oysters weren't fresh on that day!