Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cafebiz at Traders Hotel with my buffet buddy

Finally meet up with Serene after so long! Choosing the perfect restaurant is one of the most important factor of our meet up! Because both of us are really big eaters (She has a bigger appetite than me) and we appreciate delicious food! 

I suggested Cafebiz at Traders Hotel since it would be a great opportunity to sit down and have a nice chat for a couple of hours. Restaurants aren't a very good choice. Besides, Maybank is frequently having this 1-for-1 promotion. Which means half price for each of us! Sounds a pretty good deal to us so we just went for it. 

Sadly, there isn't any Lobster/ snow crab selection on Monday, but this means it's cheaper too. So we settled with the usual International buffet variety and also some seafood like Prawns, Scallop, Mussels. Prawns was my favourite dish out of everything! I kept repeating that food item because the prawns are just so sweet, fresh and flavoursome! I just can't stop taking it and I'm actually craving for it now. Have this recent craving for prawns. #Ijustdontknowwhy

But the scallops and mussels are disappointing. So bland and tasteless ):

Sushi Section

Didn't bother stuffing my stomach with sushi that don't even look nice in the first place. I went straight for Sashimi and it was fresh and yummy. Sorry I forgot to snap a photo!! 

Cold Appetizers

It's probably the first few times that I'll take appetizers during Buffets. And surprisingly, the cold dishes are remarkably nice! I especially like the beef and pasta dish. You should give it at try too! I took a bit of everything except for the beans one :x

Here are some photos of the normal cooked food which I seldom go for. Actually this time round, I didn't go for everything too. Because some food looks too standard like pasta, beans, fried noodles that I can get anywhere else in SG. 

But I would recommend anyone to try this Chicken. It already looks appetizing from the start and I knew I made the right choice the moment I tried the taste.

Make your own Rojak! 

Cafebiz also offers the Roast meat section and of course I'll aim for BEEF! Not bad. Pleasant tasting but don't expect so much! Chawanmushi was delicious but I ditched all the mushrooms and chicken that were inside :/ I prefer the plain kinds. 

Laksa is always on the top of my list during buffets. I know I can get laksa anywhere too but I just have this weird craving for it every time I walk pass the Noodles section. There's this temptation telling me to eat it. And Cafebiz really has nice soup base, just that it's a little too oily. But I'm still drinking the soup!!! :3 Add some Vege into it will make it taste nicer too!

MORE PRAWNS!! Serene agrees with me that the prawns are really delicious.

Chocolate Fondue and Assorted desserts

This chocolate fondue isn't nice at all ): The chocolate was too runny and it didn't turn solid after even a long time. Even the taste wasn't as pure as the usual ones. Wasted!! 

But I like how all the marshmallows stick are already done for you too! Looks cute.

Look at all the beautifully decorated whole cakes! It's a rare chance that I can take photos of the full cake because people have already taken some slices!! As pretty as it looks, the taste is really up to standard as well. I'll always save up my stomach for the desserts at the end!

The strawberry cake was too sour for me :>

Serene's favourite. But she kept going for the Durian paste. (Picture not shown here)

My favourite cake of the day! Love it when the cake is in layers of different texture and flavour. Reminds me of the cake I had at Brunetti. It has a mix of bitter and sweet taste and I really love that combination. Sweet chocolates aren't my type.

Ice-cream section

Sadly, I didn't get to eat my Coconut Ice-cream. I thought it was available!!! There's other flavours like Vanilla, Sweet corn, Lime sorbet, Orange sorbet, Chocolate and Strawberry

And some sweet toppings to go along with your ice-cream scoop.

Overall, it wasn't too bad because of the 1-for-1 promotion! And each of us only paid $33 as the bill was $65 ($56++ Monday dinner).

On first look, I realized we got MATCHING HANDBAGS!! It's of the same colour, same texture and even same strap! Just that mine is bigger. Because I have many things that I love to throw into my bag!

Pictures of us individually...

Had a great time catching up with one another! 

Ending with our photos!!! Meet up soon again Serene! And we will search for nice food!

13 May 2013

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