Monday, 20 May 2013

Catching up with each other // Mad Jack // The BIG wedding

Holidays is a great time for me to catch up with my friends, and I really do miss them!! 

Met up with Khadijah to go to Nex as I wanted to explore the place, it looks so big and there's so many of my favourite restaurants! Seoul Garden, MOF, etc. We went around window-shopping before settling at a place for dinner. I was so hungry that I bought a Chicken Wing at Old Chang Kee and can't stop saying how nice it is. ITS TRUE. OCK chicken wings don't always taste nice especially when it's already cold when you bought them. 

Khadijah suggested to have early dinner at Mad Jack as we can still enjoy student promotion until 5:30pm. I never heard of this restaurant before so we gave it a try. 

For just $6.45, we can enjoy a selected Main course and a free Pepsi. But I don't really fancy the food, it's not really nice. 

My cream spaghetti was sort of overcooked and the sauce was watery, the portion was small too ): Maybe I should have ordered something else but I was really craving for pasta at that moment..

Poor Khadijah has a wound on her face because of some stupid cyclists ): And she still wants to show it in the photo!!!

We caught a movie after dinner and it's The Big Wedding.

I would see it as really typical messed up relationship movie. And how they make things work out in the end. Complicated family matters. It's basically about this guy Alejandro who has one biological mum Donna and another mum Ellie who adopted him when he was young. He was getting married with Missy but he knew that Donna wouldn't agree with divorce issues. This became a huge problem because Ellie was divorced with Don and Don became together with Bebe, also Ellie's former best friend. So Bebe had to make a leave for that couple of days while Don and Ellie had to pretend to be married. SOUNDS COMPLICATED TOO, right? Even the rest of the family is pretty well messed up :/ Yes, and that's basically the whole story of how problematic everything was in the end. Funny sexual scenes here and there but nothing too fantastic about the movie. Had a great laugh here and there though.

Ratings: 2.5/5 stars 

And that's how we ended our day (: Finally I get to go home with my friend taking the same bus!!! Usually it's travelling alone.. Hahaha. And I think we both really miss the Secondary school days!


  1. wow! the food looks great! and i like your top!

    1. Thank u :) I wouldn't recommend the food though, it's not very nice to me unless you want to have cheaper food for the student promo :D