Thursday, 2 May 2013

Create your style with Swarovski Elements Workshop with Qiuqiu

Look at the BLINGS! I didn't even edit the photo to create those sparkling effects. These are Swarovski elements crystals and they look so pretty! Just went for the Create your style with Swarovski Elements workshop last week at Jurong Point. Thank you Nuffnang for selecting me! It's really far from my home but I still went for it! Ohhhh, and Qiuqiu is there too! 

We're supposed to get a starter kit which is starting from $14. The whole place was really crowded too. Partly because of the promotion buy 2 get 2 free! (Buy 2 beads, get 1 bracelet strap and charm free) So I went to choose the cheapest beads (I know I'm being so cheapskate.. But I just didn't want to splurge on accessories already :x) 

All the shiny sparkling ones are priced at $16 or higher! If I buy two it would be $30 plus!! Worth it because there's a promotion, but I still don't want to splurge :P

For the charms, I decided to choose something with bling bling, because my bead is already very plain to start with. But there's a great variety for us to choose from! 

For the bracelet strap, I chose the silver-looking one (Looks like an expensive material compared to the rest!! And it would suit the sparkling beads more) 

Here's the cheapest section starting from $7.60 per piece.

And the slightly more expensive ones which looks pretty enough too.

The workshop was held a table at the side of the shop, and here are some other people learning how to fix their bracelet, perhaps other bloggers too. Was waiting for my turn.

Just outside the shop, there's also a demonstration on how to design your own unique accessories (necklace, bracelet, earrings) to suit different occasions or with your different outfits. They said something like "Match white accessories when you're wearing black, and black accessories when you're wearing white"

Oh and another one, "If you want to show off your hip, place your hands (with the bling accessories) on your hip; if you want to flaunt your small waist, put it at your waist; if you want to show some cleavage, then put it near your chest because it's the shiny jewellery that attracts all the attention." HAHAHA. 

Anyway, here's a photo of what I chose. Paid roughly $15+ for total. 

Looks really simple but I guess it's good enough, simplicity is gold haha. I didn't learn much probably because I didn't buy many materials, but everything came in a rush. And the staff just helped me fix the bracelet using the pliers without even demonstrating or teaching me ): Was quite disappointed at that. 

Final product!

Ending off with a photo taken with blogger Qiuqiu! I always watch her Budget Barbie series and read her blog sometimes! 

27 Apr 2013

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