Monday, 13 May 2013

Day out with Iris and baby Jenell

It's my first time going out with a baby!! Iris & I wanted to go shopping at Bugis Street so we brought Jenell along too. I was really excited to see her because I missed the 1st month celebration ): Look at her cute tiny feet forming a heart shape! 

We had lunch at Astons before that. I know you all must be thinking 'ASTONS AGAIN, NOT BORED?!" 

But it's cheap and delicious, so why not? :D

For $7.90 and no extra charges, I get to eat a main course with 2 sides, what a great deal.

Iris ordered Prime Sirloin with Pasta Salad and Fries

My usual Chargrill Chicken with my favourite BAKED POTATO and Onion rings

Sadly, the outlet at Bugis Plus isn't up to standard. The chicken is quite dry. Nothing to do with the sauce separation cos I've tried that at Cathay and it works. I had Astons there for a few times and it was a little disappointing as compared to the rest, Cathay is still the best. 

Little cute Jenell has been sleeping the whole day. Good in a way that it allows us to shop easily but I really want to play with her badly! She looks really adorable when she's sleeping.

We went Bugis Street to shop because you can seriously get all the cheap buys from there! Lucky it was a normal weekday when everyone is working or schooling so the place was actually quite empty, we had no issues pushing the stroller. We got many weird stares because 2 young girls with a baby. Hey what's wrong with that! But we also have like positive stares because Jenell is too cute!

I had to control my shopping because I thought I would still continue to shop this week.

So I only spent $35 in total buying a black studded bag that I've been eyeing so long online and also a skater skirt! I love how this bag can match so many outfits! I persuaded Iris to get this bag too, she was tempted and I think it's really worth it to get at this price. The owner even gave us a lower price. 

She bought the same skater skirt as me too but in maroon red! I prefer black so that I can match more tops! And I really like this hot pink top that I saw at New Look but it's $20+, I get bored of my clothes really quick so it's not a smart choice to get clothes at this price. 

And my hair curls are crap now, I really want to do something to my hair and trim it a little, it's like SO MESSY. But Groupon deals are risky, I was really really lucky to be given a senior stylist the other time I bought a $40 deal. Of course I did top up for the treatment so maybe the service was better than those I've read on reviews.. The original cost for perm and treatment is too expensive I just don't want to splurge on my hair :/

Anyway, after done with our shopping, we slack at Bugis Plus so that I could snap some photos with Jenell and also try to carry her. She feels so soft and fragile. 

Her cheeky expressions.

She really knows how to "pose" for the camera!! Probably grow up to be a camwhore expert!

Mummy kissing baby. Sweet.

Awww just look at Jenell's sleeping face!!

And her feet is really really tiny!! 

Ending this post with a picture of me carrying Jenell!! Had a great time!

8 May 2013

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