Wednesday, 22 May 2013

First book out day

For those who didn't know, my boyf was just enlisted to police NS 2 weeks ago!! That explains my title! Now, he's back in again. Very lucky that he was posted to Police instead of Army though. 

Met up on the 2nd book out day on Saturday to satisfy all his cravings! Actually, he didn't tell me what he want, I just chose it for him because I know what he wants. Turns out its right! Or probably because he is always craving for the same few. 

OOTD// New outfit!
Red Sleeveless Turtleneck Top
Black Skater Skirt
Black Heels
Black Studded Bag (Not shown here)
Black Statement Necklace sponsored by Castle Dream

First craving: Strictly Pancakes

Instead of going to the Prinsep Street, we went to the East Coast Road outlet. Restaurant was much spacious and it was much easier to order.

Garlic Buttered Prawns

"Medium stack served with prawns buttered generously with garlic and cherry tomato salad on the side for an aromatic, mouth-watering treat" 

It already smells so great the moment they served this dish. The prawns were really sweet and I love how butter complements perfectly with garlic. It was a very filling and satisfying pancake dish!

The Druggie

"Indulge in the ultimate chocolate fix with three chocolate pancakes served with chocolate ice cream sprinkled with chocolate flakes and sliced strawberries topped off with our own homemade chocolate sauce"

My boy's usual favourite. No thanks for me :3

Second craving: Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet

I always insisted not to visit this restaurant again after my first try because I really didn't like the ambience and variety of food. But this time for boyf's sake, I plan this out for him ^^

The whole buffet spread only covered this amount of food. There were roughly 4 types of Beef and I only go for Beef at Teppanyaki most of the time unless they have super nice chicken like in Seoul Garden. Besides, Seoul Garden has hotpot too, makes it less boring. But I got to admit that the quality of beef in Sikkek BBQ is pretty nice at that pricing!

The meat section contains Beef short plate, Beef bulgogi, Beef ribeye, Beef short rib, Marinated pork, Pork collar, Pork marinated rib, Pork belly, Bacon and Marinated Chicken.  

My favourite was the Beef short rib (Bottom right) because it has the most taste and the texture was nicest. I love it when I can wrap it up with lettuce and dip into some spicy sauce. Perfect combination in Korean BBQ.

Actually the rest of the beef was quite acceptable to me too, maybe I just don't prefer huge chunks of meat and I'm lazy to cut it :x

My boy just kept spamming his bacon, that's the main purpose why we're at this restaurant anyway. I realize guys love bacon a lot a lot a lot. Wonder why :/ 

Oh and I never tried a single pork there. HAHA

Apparently, everyone in the restaurant likes the bacon too. Because look at how empty it is!

Some sushi but it doesn't look very appetizing anyway.

Some condiments and also other food like Squid, prawn, Enoki mushroom, etc. I like cooking my beef with the onion so that there's onion taste! And I always see that those teppanyaki chefs put the cooked beef on top of the onion. Tries to act professional but FAIL :/

I cooked the prawns with much effort but I ended up taking a few bites only because the prawn was not up to standard and it didn't taste really fresh and sweet..

I love the corn because it's mixed with some dressing which is super duper delicious! I kept taking a few plates of it with a few tiny baby tomatoes. It's kinda refreshing to have some during a heaty meal. Alternatively you can choose to eat watermelons like my boy. 

Happily cooking on the Teppanyaki stove. The bad thing about this place is that you will come out of the place smelling like BBQ. I had to wash my hair 4 times to get rid of the smell completely ): Ventilation isn't sufficient in the restaurant and very unluckily, we had our seat without any ventilation above. It was kind of smoky too. 

After giving a second chance to this restaurant, maybe it's not that bad after all. And the restaurant is really popular because even after 830pm, there was still a super long queue outside. Just remember to turn up earlier as they don't take reservations and the queue is really slow especially during the standard meal time hour. 

$14++ Lunch on Weekdays
$24++ Dinner on Weekdays, Lunch and Dinner on Weekends

Outlet I went to:
Tampines One, #04-22/23

Although it wasn't really something I fancy a lot, it was an enjoyable time to feast with boyf after his training inside NS for 10 days. Already thinking about this coming week's meal plans!!!

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