Thursday, 9 May 2013

Food cravings

I've decided to combine all the places my boy & I went for the past week into one post, because I've written reviews on them before already. Sometimes when we're on budget, we're just too lazy to try new things and will stick to the old ones. That will ensure that our money won't go to waste!! And also because Apr is my birthday month so I've got to claim all my freebies!! 

25 Apr 2013
MOF Lenas

Chose this place for my free birthday month dessert!

Cranberry juice isn't too my liking, but when it's mixed with strawberry ice-cream, surprisingly it tasted really yummy! I think it's also the chef recommendation. And it's a great choice if you don't know whether to go for dessert or drinks. Because this is a combination of BOTH!

I'm quite sad that some desserts are off the menu already..

My boy never fails to order his Chocolate Banana shake. And I'll order my free Ice tea!

Half Chicken with 2 sides - Potato Wedges & Parma Fries

Parma Fries and my favourite cheese dip is always my first pick!

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

This was only average as compared to Strictly Pancakes.. I thought it was nice in the past, until I've tried S.P!!!


I've not visited Swensens for a period of time previously but have been returning to the restaurant many times recently because of the 20% HSBC rebate! Plus I find that the lunch promotion is really worth it - Order 1 main course and get 1 sides/ drinks/ desserts free. 

But we missed the lunch promotion so we went for the student promotion instead. Order a main course for only $10.80 and get a free cup of Ice Lemon tea. For non-students, you can enjoy the same promotion at the price of $12.80. 

Ordered my delicious Hazelnut Milkshake float for only $1 because of my membership. But the first time I drank was still a lot nicer and more flavourful. Something is missing on that day.

Sourdough 49ers Chicken

Rodeo Wings

I said that I'll be back for more Rodeo Wings at Swensens!!!

30 Apr 2013

Topshop-inspired Peplum Top in Black sponsored by Blushinn
Pink Squarish Statement Necklace sponsored by Impulse
Pink zipper Bandage skirt from H&M Hong Kong


Astons is still my top pick when I don't want to splurge on food. It's always the first thing I'll think of when I want to eat something of above average standard and at the same time really affordable <$10. I think I can't think of any other places. I hope that there will be alternative choices in the future!

Ramen Santouka

I have some birthday month freebies too! 1 complimentary medium sized Ramen!! And also 1 complimentry Chicken Gyoza with any Ramen order. Great deal! Read my previous review HERE.

This makes me feel really hungry now!!

The Chicken Gyoza was really filling but I don't really like the taste of it in general..

Brulee Cheesecake (I ordered the Caramel Cheesecake previously)

Look at how SMALL it is. I think it's quite attractive for the price of $1.50. Sometimes you just want to have a small bite of cheesecake when you're already full. Remember to let the cheesecake melt a little before you put it in your mouth! It was so hard & frozen.

I'm like 'nibbling' the cheesecake away~~~ Nom nommm :>

My last free treat of the day and also the end of my birthday month.

I went to claim my free scoop ice-cream at Haagen Dazs! I was also entitled to 30% discount ^^ Haagen Dazs ice-cream is always one of my favourite brand! My boy had his favourite Belgian Chocolate while I went for Tiramisu and Caramel Biscuit with the small biscuit crumbs inside the ice-cream. 

Gonna share on new food posts next week! Thanks for reading! :D

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