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Ita-Kacho Restaurant - Wagyu Beef

My dad said that he thought of me immediately when he tried this restaurant Ita-Kacho. Reason why? Because I'm a BEEF-LOVER. Especially towards the Wagyu Beef. Well who wouldn't prefer the Wagyu over the standard ones anyway. They are so much more tender and delicious. 

Just look at the different portion and parts of the beef! I'm so confused over the various types that I just passed the menu to my dad for him to pick the best. 

He picked the Matsu-set (Top left) at Medium size (380g) since my mum don't fancy meat as much as us. The set menu includes 5 different grades of beef and we can taste it from the lowest all the way till the highest standard! So sorry for the unclear picture!! The price is $174 for the medium and $249 for the large (780g).

Photos of the food shown below!!! Sure to make you salivate.

Dashimaki Tamago 

The taste is really sweet and when you dip it into the sauce, it compliments perfectly. Don't look down on a plate of egg!! Must have put in a lot of effort behind it. I love the mild sweet fragrance of it.

Wagyu Tongue (Aust) 
Medium (80g) $29.00

Honestly, I never like the Beef tongue as much in the past. Just feels disgusted when I imagine eating the tongue of the cow!!! Like you're licking the cow's tongue. *OKAY ENOUGH OF DISTURBING IMAGES* But this Wagyu tongue is really up to my standard as it is really soft and yummy with a bouncy texture, I just can't have enough of it!! And that's only the "appetizer"!!

Here's the MAIN COURSE of everything!! Which I've mentioned earlier about the assorted beef platter. The furthest beef from this picture is of the lowest grade and the one on top of the lettuce is the highest grade. 

You can also test yourself if you are able to tell the difference between the 5 types! And of course I do!! The beef is just so tender and juicy and it's of the premium standard. Usually the normal and cheaper standards have very rough texture in which you can't even bite them properly. But Wagyu beef have a nicer chewy texture which will melt in your mouth. 

You can actually tell the difference by the meat texture, colour, firmness and quality of fat.

The Teppanyaki plate for us to cook the beef. I think my father did a better job than the waitress. She kept walking away!! And we want our beef to be medium-cooked. So we ended up doing it ourselves. 

"Marinated Beef" (I don't know what is the exact name, sorry!!)

This was not bad, but not something I really like because it's quite salty after being marinated. I prefer the normal version as I can taste the original beef instead of all the sauces. My father didn't know that there was a scissors when it was just placed on top of this pot. FAIL. HAHAHA. So we ended up eating the whole long piece of beef instead of taking it in small bites. 

Assorted Dessert

This includes 2 mochi ice-cream of Vanilla & Strawberry, Green tea, Vanilla, Black Sesame, and some flavour that tasted a little like Coffee. Not sure about exact price but it's roughly $20+. If you order separate scoops it would be about $6. 

Tasted not bad, but not something very very fantastic. Well, maybe the green tea was more outstanding than the rest. It was heavily flavoured with green tea and it tasted so strong. I don't usually like Green tea ice-cream but recently I'm starting to like it. 

Sadly, my dad said that the standard wasn't as good as the previous time he came here. It's true because some parts of the beef can't be chewed well. And partly because the person didn't cook very well. The service was quite bad too except for one waitress who was smiling at us every time she served us. The one who helped us cooked the beef was giving us Black face almost every minute ): 

One plus point about this restaurant is that you will come out of the restaurant without any BBQ smell on your clothes or hair. At least I didn't smell anything!

I would still love to visit this restaurant again despite the flaws and hopefully the standard is as good as the first time my dad went!! Actually if you didn't make any comparison, I believe you would still love the food here!

333A Orchard Road
#04-08/09 Mandarin Gallery
Contact no: 6836 0111

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