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Movie Review: Ironman 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3 could be a film arguably better than Avengers because of the well built up of an individual character (also my favourite superhero movie among the other Avengers) with great story plot accompanied by intense bombing and fighting scenes. The action just catches your eyes and breath every moment of the movie. Apart from all the action and drama scenes, Tony Stark/ Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr) was quite humorous. 

Tony plays the role of a technological genius but also a stubborn fella who has been diagnosed with "anxiety disorder" ever since the Avengers saved the day in New York. He was obsessed with his lab to perfect his Iron Man suits, causing him to neglect his love Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and his sleep. One of his newest invention is the "Mark 42" which is also undeniably the coolest armor suit in Iron Man ever. His pieces of suit will automatically lock into his body parts which are controlled via a receptor implanted in his body. Speak about convenience!

“Some call me a terrorist, I say I'm a teacher"

Out of nowhere, supervillain "The Mandarin" (Ben Kingsley) rises and took responsibilities of all the recent mysterious bombings. He continued to make threats against America over television broadcasts and this mysterious bearded villain could not be found. The Mandarin was the whole twist to the movie and here's a little spoiler for you. 

Spoiler #1: (Highlight to view it)
Do not overestimate or underestimate the villains in the show. 

Tony made a very foolish decision of revealing his home address to the entire city, threatening the Mandarin that he's a dead man. He provokes the villains to come and get him, and he got his wish granted. Tony eventually found himself landed in danger as his whole home got viciously attacked. While Tony was presumed dead, he then makes his way to find out the real truth behind all these threats. He then met a technology savvy 10-year old kid Harley (Ty Simpkins) who helped him with the investigation of a local explosion. 

He came face to face with another scientist Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearcewho has taken Maya Hansen's (Rebecca Hall) Extremis research to cure his disabilities, also hoping to take revenge on Tony. (Shown at the start of the movie) Pretty obvious that he seems evil enough at the start of the movie. Tony had to take down both villains together with the "hot" villain soldiers that had Extremis injected into them. 

Tony then teams up with Iron Patriot/ James Rhodes (Don Cheadles) to save the day. The suit name was probably name after the colour combination of the armor with much resemblance to the American flag. Mark 42 came for rescue and I had a good laugh about it when Tony tried to threaten the bad guys that he's going to attack them anytime, but his suit only came after many tries of counting down. Tony then takes on a crazy "skydiving" rescue mission to save the falling passengers on the plane. 

Best is always for the last. All his Iron Man armor suits came which are controlled by JARVIS. What's awesome is that every different armor suit has different uses and power. That scene is so cool! Look out for his other Iron Man suits like Mark 38 (Heavy-lifting suit "Igor"), Mark 40 (Hyper velocity suit "Shotgun") and many others! And watch Tony transfer from one suit to another when he's being attacked. That's a great weaponry when you can't only depend on only one! It was a tough challenge for the both of them to save both the president and Pepper.

Spoiler #2: (Highlight to view it)
You think Pepper died, but she didn't.

Spoiler #3: (Highlight to view it)
It's not hero save the day after all. Pepper gets to kick some ass after being injected with Extremis when she was captured.

 Speaking of thrill and intensity, Iron Man 3 had it all - Action, explosions, and intense story plot. I love how the twists worked out and the story line was built up very well and interesting. The best parts of the movie is the fighting scenes because clearly, the main focus of Iron Man is on the armor and suit. Something that many of us will go "Wow" when the suit locks itself onto Tony. Like how the Transformers transform from cars to robots, but Iron Man is just way cooler. It's an awesome superhero movie for both adults and the young.

Catch Iron Man 3 in cinemas now!!! Remember to stay for the after credits scene. You won't be disappointed!

Ratings: 5/5 stars 

Watch the Iron Man 3 trailer below:

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