Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes

AHHHH. I'm back with MORE FOOD. Again. So sorry I will try to update more about other stuff instead of only food. Heheh I just cannot resist delicious food. This time round we went to try pancakes from other restaurants. Enough of Strictly Pancakes for the time being! Spotted this restaurant at City Square Mall...

Paddington House of Pancakes 
(Reminds me of Paddington Bear...) -_-

Actually I spotted this restaurant some time ago, but somehow we didn't step into it because I thought it wasn't very nice due to little people inside. But when I read reviews, I realized that it is worth a try! 

See, it's filled with lots of people in the restaurant. And there was a queue too. Looks like I made the right choice! 

What attracted my attention was this. 100 pancakes from all over the world? It's a great opportunity for me to taste different kind of pancakes. It's time I break out of my comfort zone. I have been choosing "safe" dishes all the time to make sure that it's something I would like. 

Okay, but seriously? 100 pancakes is going to give me a great deal of headache when I'm making my choice!!! 

We were given a nice comfy corner seat which I like very much!

Fries lover as he always is, my boyf ordered Cheesy Wedges & Fries ($8)

"Fries & wedges, Belgium style with grilled cheddar, crispy chicken bacon bits, basil leaves & tangy mayonnaise" 

Tasting great like how it looks! I didn't know that the brown pieces were bacon bits at the start though. It tasted a bit weird on the first mouth but after knowing that it's bacon, it somehow magically tasted nicer. "Self-fulfilling prophecy!!" Correct me if I'm wrong :/ Hahah. Too much of studies. 

Anyway it's a unique dish because I've never tasted bacon bits before in the whole of my life!

Nice ($16) 

It's really the dish name, not my comment "Nice" about the dish! 

"Crepes with chicken grilled mozzarella, chicken bacon, mushrooms, prawns, pineapple & creamy mushroom sauce"

The dish name says it all. NICE. Kinda weird to have this kind of dish name but to think of it, it actually do make sense! After all, it's really nice and yummy! Wouldn't say it's the best crepe I've ever tasted. But definitely is something new and different. Something I wouldn't be able to taste elsewhere in SG. First time having prawn and chicken in crepe. And the chicken actually tasted really great! It was chewy and I just love how everything is so perfect when put together. Even pineapple which I don't usually like tasted really sweet. 

Pot of Gold ($10)

"Dollar pancakes with nuts, marshmallows, chocolate sauce & ice cream"

Even if I'm not a fan of chocolate, this dish really attracted my attention because of the cute bite-sized pancakes. Who says pancakes must be big anyway? Love this fun-sized, mini little pancakes which seems so convenient to just pop into your mouth! I would love to try The Treasure Box next time. Which is a similar version of dollar pancakes, but with strawberry, banana, peach and all those fruits that I love! 

I've tried one bite and there's peanut butter taste in it. Not to my liking but I can tell that this Pot of Gold is really worth the money $_$

My boy spamming his favourite Chocolatey sauce all over his pancakes. 

I was so thrilled when I looked at the menu because of all the yummlicious crepes and pancakes that I know I would love to eat so much. It's like "Omg omg omg omg omgggggggg" I'm so excited. Okay, maybe I'm over-reacting but I just can't stand it when there's my favourite food in so many varieties! I'm definitely going back to try more new stuff! 

Paddington House of Pancakes
Citry Square Mall, Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539
Contact: +65 6612 9029 

Retarded us!

YAY! And one last pic of me :D

I've got to bear with my grass hair till next month and I'll be fixing it at the salon!!! 

Maybe I'll try to do a nail art tutorial next time!! 

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