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SANRIO Hello Kitty Town at Malaysia Johor Bahru

Sorry for the super late update on this! On January, I went to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at M'sia Johor Bahru with my boyf and family. It was the same trip as Legoland and you can read about it HERE (:

Trust me, if you’re a SANRIO lover or like anything really cute, you will be gushing in excitement the moment you step in there. It’s like a heaven filled with girly, pink and Hello Kitty stuff. Even adults are gonna love that place if they are Hello Kitty fans. And it's a GREAT PLACE TO TAKE PHOTOS .___.

WARNING: Photo spam with lots of HELLO KITTY!!!

(Some photos are from my camera, some are from my dad's)

Wearing Pastel Printed Top - Ice-cream Cone Design sponsored by Thisire

My top suits the place a lot - in cute and pastel colours! And I'm wearing my Hello Kitty Glasses too!!

When we reached Hello Kitty Town, we were already greeted with lots of Hello Kitty decoration and there’s a Red Bow café at the entrance. What is disappointing is that, they didn’t serve much Hello Kitty food like the ones in Taiwan and Korea H.K café. Don’t go there for the food. It looks very much unappetizing to me. And the indoor café is definitely not worthy, because I’ve tried and I know how much it sucks. But apart from the food, everything there is worth the money! 

We were given this activity card to collect chops and we can only enter each activity/ room once. But we’re allowed to roam freely outside for photos and there’s a mini “spinning tea cup” game, the one that makes you turn and turn while sitting in a cup. Best spinning cup game ever. So far, this is the only tea cup that could spin really fast at ease. I played 2-3 times continuously. You’ll probably feel like this after that *_* 

There is a Wishful Studio where we get to do free activities like Cookie-decorating, Nail salon, and more that I will talk about below!

Cookie-deco was our first DIY session. We were given cookies with Hello Kitty faces and some “paint” made with Chocolate and Strawberry syrup. We are supposed to use the brushes given to decorate our cookies. I didn’t try the cookies though!! Hahah. 

At the Hello Kitty nail salon, we got to decorate our nails with nail polish and Hello Kitty Stickers too! But the nail polish is those for kids, can scrape it off without using any remover. I didn't apply any because I already had my pretty nails done by myself :P I helped my brother to draw some alphabets out of fun, and to paint black on my boy's nails. 

Here's my nails! I made it simple with glitter pink french tip and Hello Kitty nail art sticker which you can buy from my shop HERE.

We move on to the next activity which is the Kitty's House and this was so far one of the best because of the Hello Kitty furniture! It’s like visiting a Hello Kitty home and I’m like OMG.

I'll let the pictures do the talking!! ♥

Hello Kitty Living & Dining Room

Hello Kitty Kitchen

Hello Kitty Bathroom

I like the bathtub so much!

And here's one behind the scene from one of my photos.

Hello Kitty Bedroom (MY FAVOURITE)

I would love to have one in Rilakkuma!!! Hello Kitty would be great too!

The Hello Kitty bed looks so princessyyy.

Hello Kitty Black Wonder was like an amazing race where we have to crack codes and find out clues in order to pass on to the next stage. At each station, we will be able to find an alphabet and we would have to combine them together to form a word. I think we're quite lousy because we failed at the first try :/ Was given another chance to retry and then we got it!!

I think it's because we were busy snapping photos away heheh. But we probably spent the most time in here! A twist to the cute and princess-y Hello Kitty theme. It was a place whereby Hello Kitty was locked up in the cell and it actually felt like a dungeon inside a castle. It was a fun experience though!

This was the simplest activity where we get to choose a charm and DIY our own necklace. More suited for kids probably. But not bad, we get to bring home the "handmade" necklace! 

Here's what I picked! The nicest out of all charms. Pink dolphin!

This was one of the better activity where we get to dress up in SANRIO outfits! I don't think I can get this chance anywhere else easily. And it's really a great opportunity. I think we all look great in the SANRIO clothes. What do you think?

Guys get to dress in Badtz-Maru while girls get to dress in Hello Kitty or My Melody. I'm going for the Hello Kitty one!!

There was also a Hello Kitty performance on the Purrfect Stage where they teach you how to do the Hello Kitty dance. I find it a bit too kiddy but we stood there to watch anyway. Oh, and I couldn't stand this "Cowgirl" dancer who keep doing the HEE HA in a super fake accent and high pitch voice. I'm like Omg please stop!! .___.

Do look out for the Cinnamoroll Cafe but I wouldn't recommend the food there, the latte is overly sweet and the waffles are so hard. The hotdog bun wasn't nice too.

Beside the Cinnamoroll Cafe, there's a Friendship Land for small kids to enter (We couldn't enter). It's like a play area for small kids to climb around.

After everything, we went to window shop at the Hello Kitty's shop filled with lotsa Sanrio stuff, mostly in PINK!! All the girly colours. They even sell Hello Kitty ties for the guys. HAHA. I think that's a little weird.. But they have really pretty souvenirs there!

Besides the Hello Kitty Town, there's another indoor theme park called the The Little Big Club. But we decided not to go for it because none of us like the characters over there.

Tickets info:
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Adults RM 75.00
Children RM 55.00

The Little Big Club

Adults RM 75.00
Children RM 55.00

2 Park Pass
Adults RM 110.00
Children RM 85.00

For more info, please visit http://www.playtime.com.my/hello-kitty-town

On 6 Jan 2013


  1. The activity my kids absolutely loved is the nails painting and tea cups ride. They had so much fun that they didn't want to leave!

    1. Yea even adults & teenagers love the place too! (:

  2. I would love to go here! I learned to love Hello Kitty when I started to work for labceuticals who is the exclusive distributor for Hello Kitty toiletries and perfumes.
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    1. Oh I see! Yup it is really fun over there! (: