Sunday, 26 May 2013


So sorry for the lack of update! I have been really busy with schoolwork recently. And I did realize that I have never talked about my school life over here in my blog! I really need to rant a little. School might sound easy with 3 days of lessons from 12-6, but it's a 3-month module reduced to 6-weeks. First week of school and I have to revise 4 full chapters, having an exam on the second week and group project due on the second week as well.

Here's some of my friends' tweets:
"Summer course : Insanity for 5 weeks. TWICE .. Sigh"

"4 projects 4 midterms and 2 finals in 6wks"

Not forgetting, to get an A, we have to get above 95%. My jaws dropped!!! OHMYGODDDD, that is a super high standard!!! If 95% is only for 1 exam, still possible. But with all the class participation, projects, assignments, miscellaneous stuff, 95% is a real challenge.

Have already planned to meet up with my friends every Wednesday and Friday to chill at Starbucks to study together. I really need to do well!!

Everyone lets work hard, and play hard after that!!

Stay tuned to a few food and outing posts!!!

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