Thursday, 6 June 2013

[AD] Glieks Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Probably most of you have this problem over here. That irritating little bubble beneath your phone screen protector. Just makes you feel so frustrated. Most of you just let it be, but WHAT IF... there's a solution to it? A perfect solution to have your screen looking as original and new as before, but at the same time with EVEN better protection?

Introducing the nano coating technology 

It is a super hardness ultra-thin silicon dioxide surface coating, making it possible to apply a glossy finish to any size of glass surface

Shines and protects your glass screens against daily wear and tear up to 6 months and eliminates 99.96% of Superbug (MRSA)!

● Nano coating technology
● 100% bubble-free
● Scratch resistant
● Crystal shine effect
● Preserve screen sensitivity
● Easy to clean
● Anti-static

Each bottle can use for 7-8 SMARTPHONES or 2-3 TABLETS

My whole family is using it for months and we have absolutely no problems at all! In fact, I think that it's a lot better because of the clear screen we have right now. If you watch this video, you can actually see that after applying, the phone is protected even from penknives! 

Disclaimer: The phone is tested right after the application of the Glieks and under extreme conditions, please do not try it on your phone

I can only guarantee that this product can definitely allow your phone to be free from normal scratches! 

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! (Instructions in video/ behind the box)

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Great idea for Father's Day gift too!

S$29.90 S$23.90

Which means!!!! 

$23.90 / 7 phones = Each screen protector cost only $3.40 on average!


Comment below or email me at for any enquiries/ order!


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