Saturday, 29 June 2013

DIY Nail Art Tutorial // Despicable Me // Minions

Everyone is probably crazy over this recent character - MINIONS! From Despicable Me and the 2nd episode is coming out in 4th July! I am really anticipating for the movie to be released! And here's a nail art tutorial for you girls to DIY over the week before the show is out! 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional manicurist and I decorated my nails out of fun, so pardon me if it isn't as perfect (:

Photo taken outside Cathay last week!

Here's the basic nail art materials you would require:

● Nail polish (Grey, Black, White, Yellow, Blue)
● Base coat Nail polish
● Nail polish remover to remove any excess (Not necessary)
● A set of dotting tools with different sizes

And you're all ready to begin! I grouped the photos together for illustration purposes. You can read below for more detailed instructions.

TAKE NOTE* Instruction below does not follow the photo number

1. Paint base coat on your nails to protect your nails
2. Paint over yellow coat fully
3. Paint blue coat on the french tip of you nails 
(For this step, I used the brush directly from the bottle)
4. Use the smallest size of the dotting tool and draw grey circles for the eyes
5. Use a bigger dotting tool and dot the white part of the eyes
6. Use small dotting tool to draw the black part of the goggles and also dot the black part of the eye
7. Paint a black patch for the mouth
8. Use the dotting tool to dot in the teeth using white, and the tongue using pink
9. Fill in the hair using a marker
10. Repeat the steps for your other minions with different expressions!

For my case, I didn't draw any banana for the minions. But if you're interested, you can actually add in banana fimo canes! Simple and easy step. 

bababa baba nana bababa baba nana BANANANAAA AAHH POTATO NAAAAHHH

 Have fun girls!!!
If you are interested in getting nail art materials to complete your design, you can view more products here:

Let me know if you want to see more nail art tutorials with other designs! (: