Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ever wonder what type of personality are you?

I've been taking on a module in SIM called Organizational Behaviour this semester. And I found that many of the class topics are in relation to Psychology which I've learnt before. Interestingly, this class requires us to answer various types of personality tests every lesson. I think it is important for us to assess our own behaviour and character before even trying to change our ways. After all, what's the point of trying to alter your behaviour when you don't even understand yourself that well?

I actually get some enjoyment from doing such tests to know what kind of a person I am. I've tried the Personality A test and not surprisingly, I got results to be of Type A personality. 

If you don't understand what's Type A, it basically refers to a person involved in a never-ending struggle to achieve more and more in less and less time. In short, I'm someone who is impatient, somewhat competitive, highly-driven, and always always always multi-tasking. Well of course, not all Type A individuals will experience all the personality pattern and NOT ALL ARE HOSTILE.

BUT, sad to say, extreme Type A personality individuals might have a higher chance of experiencing premature heart disease. I NEED TO CHILL.

Friends who know me well knows that I am a very impatient person and I get frustrated easily. It's not that I cannot live under stress or whatsoever, but I just get pissed off, nervous, impatient at small little things. Not that I will direct my anger towards my friends of course! I don't get easily angry with people around me, I just get frustrated with unpleasant situations. I'm very friendly :D 

I think I've got to just count to 10, and calm myself down next time. I don't know if it is related, but I also tend to get very excited really easily. It's like the extremes. But being excited is good, that means I'm enjoying life! 

So... keep calm and CARRY ON!

Try this test to know whether you are like me!

Choose from the following responses to answer the questions below:
A. Almost always true
B. Usually true
C. Seldom true
D. Never true

1. I do not like to wait for other people to complete their work before I can proceed with my own
2. I have to wait in most lines
3. People tell me that I tend to get irritated too easily
4. Whenever possible, I try to make activities competitive
5. I have a tendency to rush into work that needs to be done before knowing the procedure I will use to complete the job
6. Even when I go on vacation, I usually take some work along
7. Even when I make a mistake, it is usually due to the fact that I have rushed into the job before completely planning it through
8. I feel guilty for taking time off from work
9. People tell me I have a bad temper when it comes to competitive situations
10. I tend to lose my temper when I am under a lot of pressure at work
11. Whenever possible, I will attempt to complete two or more tasks at once
12. I tend to race against the clock
13. I have no patience for lateness
14. I catch myself rushing when there is no need

Score your responses according to the following key:
Every A or B answer scores one point. 

An intense sense of time urgency is a tendency to race against the clock, even when there is little reason to. The person feels a need to hurry for hurry's sake alone, and this tendency has appropriately been called "hurry sickness". Time urgency is measured by items 1,2,8,12,13 and 14.

Inappropriate aggression and hostility reveal themselves in a person who is excessively competitive and who cannot do anything for fun. This inappropriately aggressive behaviour easily evolves into frequent displays of hostility, usually at the slightest provocation or frustration. Competitiveness and hostility are measured by items 3,4,9 and 10. 

Polyphasic behaviour refers to the tendency to undertake two or more tasks simultaneously at inappropriate times. It usually results in wasted time due to an inability to complete the tasks. This behaviour is measured by items 6 and 11.

Goal directedness without proper planning refers to the tendency of an individual to rush into work without really knowing how to accomplish the desired result. This usually results in incomplete work or work with many errors, which in turn leads to wasted time, energy and money. Lack of planning is measured by terms 5 and 7. 

Total score = _____

If your score is 5 or greater, you may possess some basic components of the Type A personality.

Yes, so keep calm and carry on!!

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