Monday, 10 June 2013

First time driving on the road

I just had my 2nd driving lesson last Friday and it was a shock for me! Well, in a good way of course! If you haven't read on my very first virgin experience of just driving in the car itself, it's here:

I was all ready and excited for my 2nd lesson and I'm really lucky to get the same instructor again! I learn about shifting gears, slowing down with brakes, signalling. 

So here's the crucial part: When the car reaches about 20km/h or when you hear rough engine sound, it's time to change gear! Release accelerator fully --> Press onto clutch fully --> Change to gear 2 --> Release clutch completely --> Accelerate as per normal

Oh, AND I also have to change to gear 1 again when I stopped the car. 

I'm quite forgetful though :/ I need constant reminders. But I'll make sure that I will get that right next lesson! After some practice on the circuit, my instructor said that I would learn something different. I really thought that it will be taught in the circuit. Next moment, I found myself on the main road and I was dumbfounded for a second :0 Serious.

LIKE WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

But after I get back to my clear state, I found myself driving calmly and happily on the road! :D I think I still can manage so far. And it's a great achievement to me. There's so many people jaywalking and I think that's a very bad choice HAHA. I can't wait to complete my driving lessons soon!!!!

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