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Food buddies // Korean Big Bang BBQ Restaurant (KBB)

I think it's awesome that Serene & I met one another and became close friends since JC! Because somehow we share similar character and also the same hobby of EATING. Outings can never be dull when both of us are food lovers. 

If you think that I have a ridiculously huge appetite compared to other girls & maybe some guys (Apparently many of my friends said so), then I can tell you this girl over here eat more than I do! 

When we head out, I can't stop thinking of buffets because that is probably the only thing that sounds more worth it and also gives us more time to sit down and catch up with one another. So I chanced upon this Groupon voucher - Korean Big Bang BBQ (KBB) ($37.80 for 2 - Weekday Dinner). It sounds like a pretty good deal so I bought it. $19 each is definitely a dirt cheap price for a dinner buffet. 

Being kiasu, we both decided to have dinner at 5pm so we can sit there and eat as long as we can. (But this point is invalid, and you will know why later on) Which is also one bad point about this restaurant that we're both really unhappy with. 

The ambience looks quite comfortable and cosy for a steamboat and teppanyaki restaurant. After all, the tables are quite spaced out and it's quite big so there's plenty of place for us to put plates and plates of meat :3 

And there's a hidden compartment under the seat! If you don't want your belongings to stink, just put it under the seat. But don't forget to take your stuff when you leave!

This looks like a bar counter but it's actually a separate corner for the buffet food. When Serene was inside taking food, a customer even mistook her for working there and asked her what's the buffet pricing (Which is kinda dumb because who wears like that to work in a restaurant).

Pork and Chicken corner

I'm not a fan of BBQ pork meat so I didn't take much, tried one and I already regretted. I was attracted to the Chicken Bulgogi at the start but it's no way comparable to the standard of Seoul Garden. I mean if it's not super tasty, still understandable, but it's actually very salty!! 

Beef corner with some other noodles, egg, vege

Thankfully, the beef is up to standard and I really like eating the Ribeye. On first look you can already tell that the meat is very soft and tender, and already looking very appetizing. It doesn't have the rough or dry texture. It's juicy and you are able to chew into the meat easily. Mix it with some lettuce to balance out the taste and it's perfect! Serene preferred the beef roll which is non-marinated. It reminds me of sukiyaki kind of beef. I think all the beef taste great! 

When we both saw the mayo corn, we were like OMG. And we took a full bowl of it. But on first mouth, I felt disappointed because the corn isn't crunchy and fresh like Sikkek BBQ. 

There are some Kimchi and other ingredients like corn, prawns, etc for you to mix your own soup base. We were doubtful at the start for just throwing Kimchi into the plain boiling water, but it actually tastes so powerful and flavoursome! You should try if you have a love for spicy taste!

Seafood corner

These were pretty average to me, but with the Kimchi soup, obviously everything taste 10x better! 

And yes, about the "invalid point" I've mentioned earlier, we were really upset about the restaurant. Because when I called few days ago to make a reservation, I clearly asked TWICE, if there is any time limit on eating. On the second time I even explained it like asking "So if I come at 5, Can I stay and eat till anytime?" The person said YES. But we were sort of being "chased out" after 2 hour plus! 

I don't care if they did put under their terms and conditions in their restaurant, obviously if I called and checked, I wouldn't go and try looking for all these notices when I step into the restaurant! So angry about that because we both can eat more! I explained to the person there but she just doesn't bother saying that the rules are like that. 

I think that if you have delivered a promise to the customer, you should just be flexible with your so-called rules. Losing a few more plates of meat isn't as bad as losing two customers and maybe more. 

Okay, enough of ranting!! Anyway both of us were not really full, so we went to walk around and get food at Toa Payoh Int. We both went to try Beans Talk which also had a super long Q! But something great about this is that you can customize your own beancurd with different toppings! I picked Beancurd & Grass jelly mix with mango toppings but we feel that toppings isn't really worth it. But I didn't know the combination of grass jelly & beancurd taste better than just beancurd itself!!

Some camwhore photos of us!!

Let's go to some food fair soon!! :DD

26 June 2013

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