Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Happy Father's Day // Teppanyaki at home

Beef lovers are going to be realllly tempted by this post, so am I. Blogging late at night makes me feel really hungry at times. 

Teppanyaki at home is one of my favourite dinner since dining at home is really comfy (Don't have to care about unglam-ness or whatever, just eat and indulge like a greedy girl). After all, you get to watch TV while eating as well! 

Just saying, even when this is Father's Day, I didn't pay for the meal.. :/ My parents spent about $200 on the food and of course mainly due to the Wagyu Beef. If you wanna know, they bought the food at Isetan (near Orchard) - the Japanese market at the basement level if I'm not wrong. They sell the finest beef and seafood there. 

They chose the best Wagyu beef over there with the price range of $27 - 44. Which means, each piece is about $5-7! Abit crazy for the price but absolutely worth every cent. My dad always laugh at how I smile when I put the beef into my mouth. But it's really damn awesome that the beef melts into your mouth. Not too chewy and it's soft when you bite into it. Best consumed when medium-cooked for me. I just can't have enough of it and I was really satisfied with the meal!!

The chuck roll Yakiniku Wagyu beef was already very satisfying to my tummy. But it was still a little chewy and tough compared to the more expensive one. The difference in price is really justifiable! But if you aren't too demanding on the beef, the chuck roll one is definitely delicious enough. 

The Karubi beef was much tender and juicy. $7 per piece!! I really savour it slowly bit by bit to enjoy maximum satisfaction from it. 

If you like eating the red crab meat, you should totally go for this instead - Kani Fumi! A lot more sweet and fresh. Doesn't taste so fake. And it is a must to have in Teppanyaki! Having it in steamboat is just average. MUST TRY! :D

I love the Scallops too! So big and juicy and fresh and YUMMY!!!! There's a bouncy texture to it which I like. Again, I took small bites of it :3

The vege is not to be cooked, but to wrap the beef like the Korean style. Vegetables like that may taste plan but it's a great combination with beef! Lettuce wraps are really versatile and it works well with most meat. 

We had a couple of other food like Sausages, bacon, cheeseball, fishball, etc. 

My brother & I bought a cake for my Dad from Crystal Jade and it tasted better than I expected! The chocolate was like Dark bittersweet Chocolate with a mild sweet taste. Was asked not to get a big cake as my family is leaving Sg to Hk that night. 

A family photo of us with the cake and presents! My brother drew a card which is the both of them taking photos at MBS (Quite a thoughtful card because their Father-son memories are mostly about photography).

As seen from my previous post here: , I gave the Eiffel tower with folded hearts to my Dad. And he said that he will put it in his office :D

Happy Belated Father's Day once again ♥ 

Hope that you all have a sweet weekend with your Dad! 

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