Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Idea for Father's Day gift? // Eiffel Tower with Hearts

Father's Day is round the corner - 16th June! Have you all prepared your gifts yet? ♥

Although I seldom express my love to my Dad, I still want to thank him for doing so much for me for all these years. He has been a wonderful dad and I admit that I do take him for granted at times. But at the end of the day, seeing him work extremely hard and putting in so much for the family makes me feel that I should appreciate him more whenever I can. 

So I decided to make this really sweet gift for him on Father's Day this year. He really deserves it and I know that this isn't enough to repay his love and all but I want him to feel appreciated (:

Eiffel Tower with Hearts

First thing you will need is an empty glass bottle. I got mine at Popular bookstore for $8.90. I had a hard time choosing those between $4-6 and when I caught my eye on this Eiffel tower design, I took it without any further thought. It's so pretty! (It looks a little weird here because I took from a high angle unknowingly)

First thing that came up my mind was that, I want my Dad to place this on his office desk so that anyone who steps into his office would see it and think it's so pretty :D

You can pick stars, folded notes, marbles, stones, and any form of decoration in Popular as well. I chose hearts because it's more special this way. I got the big hearts for $2.90 and small hearts for $1.90 (I made a total of about 100 hearts)

I have to fold every piece into mini triangles, cut the edge and push it into a heart shape. I know it's very difficult to understand what I'm saying but there's instructions in it so don't worry (:

There I have, mini hearts which are so colourful! I really like this set of design because of the sparkly glossy texture of the paper that makes the hearts look so pretty!

I took a few days to do it, because repeatedly folding the hearts makes my fingers ache. But it's all worth it! The big hearts (left) and small hearts (right). 

I figured out that getting small hearts is useful because the top part of the bottle is quite narrow so it is more advisable to fill in the smaller hearts. 

Just pour in the hearts when you're done and I picked the colours before putting in any. Because the bottle is quite tall and narrow, it is better to put different colours together or else the same coloured hearts might cluster at one corner. I actually put in and take out quite a few times before getting my desired combination of colours! :0 

&& the final product!

Have a lovely weekend with your father! ♥♥

I'll be celebrating in advance on Saturday night as they're flying off to HK. 

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