Saturday, 1 June 2013


No idea what's up with my blog post title? LEGIOCHE. 

It's actually our project group name for our HR module with a mix of our surnames. Sounds so ATAS right! Read it as Ley-jio-shei.

We meet up for some study session and also lunch buffet at Seoul Garden! It's a pity Valerie didn't join us though ): And here's a photo of us before we gorge down all the food. 

Jesslyn & me. We look like we're wearing similar top here :D

We had a great time talking interesting stuff and all sorts of nonsense. And lots of entertaining news about each other. I think I ate so much too. Everybody stopped eating but there I was, still gorging the food down like a pig :3

We also found an iPhone 5 and it was so funny and ridiculous because when we tried to call/SMS the owner's friends, seemed like no one bothered to help this poor fellow about his lost phone. End up it was a staff working at Seoul Garden who dropped his phone. I think he has poor connections with his friends because why no one even cared!!! 

Jesslyn left after lunch so it's left with me, Ben & Yx to study for the last few hours. Everywhere was so crowded so we found a table at Teadot. 

Yx's Cheesecake order

My Hazelnut Ceylon Latte

I thought it tasted not bad at the start, only to realized later that it actually taste like milk tea. The taste is alright, but just not worth $6+. 

Love studying together with friends, but I think we all get talkative after some time. But I'm glad I have you guys as my clique in UB. Somehow, it's all of you who made me not dread so much to go to school every week!

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