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Movie Review: Hangover Part III (2013)

Hangover Part III

Have you watched it yet? I personally don't favour this kind of movie very much. But I would like to watch the comedy genre from time to time to relax my mind a little bit. Sometimes horror/ action movies are too much for me to take in. After all, I've been stressing myself out. I should lay back, relax and have a good laugh.

If you have watched Hangover 1 and 2, you would most probably want to catch the last one. 

Starring: "Wolfpack"
Phil the leader
Alan the troublemaker
Chow the psychotic one
Stu the scaredy cat
(But also does the craziest thing when he's drunk)
Doug the poor fellow who is always lost/captured

"It’s been two years. Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha) are happily living uneventful lives at home. Tattoos have been lasered off, files purged. The last they heard from disaster-magnet Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), he’d been tossed into a Thai prison and, with him out of the way, the guys have very nearly recovered from their nights prowling the seamy side of Las Vegas in a roofie’d haze, and being kidnapped, shot at, and chased by drug- dealing mobsters in Bangkok.

The only member of the Wolfpack who’s not content is Alan (Zach Galifianakis). Still lacking a sense of purpose, the group’s black sheep has ditched his meds and given in to his natural impulses in a big way-which, for Alan, means no boundaries, no filters and no judgment-until a personal crisis forces him to finally seek the help he needs. And who better than his three best friends to make sure he takes the first step. This time, there’s no bachelor party. No wedding. What could possibly go wrong? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off.

“The Hangover Part III” is the epic conclusion to an incomparable odyssey of mayhem and bad decisions, in which the guys must finish what they started by going back to where it all began: Las Vegas."

It all started with Alan driving home happily, as insane as he usually was, with a giraffe at the back of his car. A pretty cute scene right? Wait till you see the giraffe's head being decapitated!!! Totally unnecessary scene! ): Poor giraffe. 

Well, you can tell how mentally insane he is. But still not as bad as Chow! 

As you can see from the trailer, Doug got captured and they must find Chow in return to release him. Doug is always the one being missing. Poor fellow. 

I really like this scene whereby they plan to break into this mansion to retrieve the golden bars. 

And this is really an awkward scene for Phil, Stu and the rest of the audience. Haha.

The entire movie is another wild search for Chow in order to save Doug. This time, Hangover drifted away from the usual story plot where the Wolfpack searches for clues and hints about their crazy night. Some action was added into the movie and I just feel disappointed that it's not as funny as the previous two. It's probably because the things they did were not as crazy and insane as the previous one, especially in Hangover II. They did mention a little at the start of the movie haha. "The tattoo is the worst" (Fingers crossed)

Hangover Part III mainly focused on the rescue mission and neglected some humour. It can still pull off as a comedy movie though, we just have to lower our expectations a little. But the best laugh is definitely at the end of the credit scene! So far it was also the worst and FUNNIEST thing Stu did to himself. Remember to stay for it, you'll not regret!  

Ratings: 3/5 stars 

And I just found this really amusing comparison between the Hangover Part III and Harry Potter poster. Spot the similarities HAHA.

Watch the Hangover III trailer here!

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  1. The Hangover Part 3 has a better plot than the previous parts. Also, it maintains your curiosity till the end.