Monday, 24 June 2013

Movie Review: World War Z (2013)

World War Z featuring Brad Pitt (Gerry)

One of the more awesome Zombie Apocalypse movie I've ever watched. Impressive, I would say. The movie had a brilliant start with a sudden explosive action followed by major accidents happening on the road. People were panicking and fleeing from the "zombies" who were coming out from nowhere. I was already captivated at the first action scene. 

I'm a sucker for horror and zombie movies but ironically, I'm easily frightened by the scary effects. Some parts of the movie were even similar to one of my favourite game Left 4 Dead.

Why would I say impressive? Now just take a look at this scene.. The amount of zombies were almost uncountable and they were piling on top of one another to climb up such a huge wall. I've never watched a movie that has THIS HUGE AMOUNT of zombies. The entire world was plagued with zombies. 

Oh, and that's one of my favourite scene. Being such a sadist. 

Gerry managed to escape from the hoard of zombies and secured his family to safety. But he was then called into service to find the source of the zombie outbreak. For the safety of his family and the fate of humanity, Gerry followed the troop to different cities to find out the source and eventually he found out a temporary cure. 

I love this scene where they have to sneak past 80 zombies in a research building to get the "cure". It's totally like being in a game where the characters have to go past rooms and stages to the final destination. With a pistol, axe, and baseball bat, I can't help but ask. Where is the chainsaw? Hahaha.

Audience kept laughing at the scenes in the research building because it was quite funny at some point of time. And one of the zombie even sounded like a dinosaur! Not kidding. If you close your eyes, you would probably think that you're watching some Jurassic Park.

Overall, I loved the movie and wouldn't mind watching it again for all the zombie action. But I feel that the movie probably only caters to people like me, who are horror lovers and like watching zombies so much. But other than that, I think that the explosive and action effects are fantastic and it's really worth the money. The story line makes sense with a proper ending even though it didn't have a very perfect one like how all zombies are killed (Because that is unrealistic). But I have watched one zombie movie which ended so abruptly I hated it. The zombie attacks were exaggerated but appropriate. 

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars 

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