Thursday, 20 June 2013

[Nuffnang] Movie Preview: Monsters University (2013)

Previously I have written a post on why I am excited to catch Monsters University

And lucky enough, I got selected by Nuffnang to get a pair of tickets to the movie preview! It was held at Cathay on the 17 June at 7:15pm. Asked Iris along with me to catch the movie! Oh, and it's Monsters University 3D! I'd prefer watching 3D for cartoon because when the animation is so bright and colourful, the 3D effect just makes everything look better. 

When I'm young, I used to move the 3D glasses up and down to see the difference hehe.

I think that there's a more important meaning behind the story besides just having fun and scaring around. Monsters University shows more about the true stories of school bullying and also chasing your dreams. Quite an inspiring story presented in a funny and cute way

 Cute lil Mike had been bullied and ostracized since he was a little kid. He looks really cute in this scene! And during an excursion trip, he was constantly bullied by the taller and scarier monster friends of his age. Poor thing... But he did not give up and still aspire to be a professional scarer one day. He was even more motivated when a scarer praised him and gave him the MU cap. 

And so, Mike went into his dream university - Monsters University and his dream course - Scaring. 

Even though he is technically a monster, he was viewed as something unscary due to his size and physical attributes. Everyone gave him a scorning look when they knew that he was studying Major in Scaring. Like "Pff, you don't even look scary at all."

Even so, he continued to work extra hard compared to others. While he wasn't born scary like Sulley who is a Sullivan, Mike was really brilliant in class and kept answering and participating in all classes. He was probably viewed as a nerd. 

Later on, Mike and Sulley had countless conflicts as they both looked down on one another. They were both kicked out of the course and in order to get back in, Mike and Sulley finally decided to work together and win the Scaring competition. Along the way, they met really good friends and how they conquer all obstacles to achieve what they want. 

At the end of the day, this movie teaches us that we should strive for our dreams, and not let others put us down. The movie itself was average as I wasn't very into the characters. But the story line is definitely inspiring enough for both adults and children to learn from it. 

Ratings: 3.5/5 stars 

Remember to catch Monsters University!!!