Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Steamboat with Family // Danro MOF

Just a week ago, my family & I went to Nex Mall's MOF Danro for dinner. I was surprised to know that MOF actually has quite a few other types of restaurants besides the usual 2 that I always go to - Lenas and Izakaya

One plus point about Danro is that there's 2 flavours in 1 pot! It's great especially for a group of people to dine together and everyone has different preferences. And for me, I prefer having more choices. But this time, I kept cooking my food in the spicy broth because the soup is simply too delicious! Definitely not too spicy to cover the ingredients' taste but mildly sweet within the spiciness which I absolutely enjoyed very much. 

At such a cheap price, I wouldn't expect much from the food but I must admit that the variety and quality of food is still acceptable. Their beef is not bad, just that they are sliced too thin which isn't fully satisfying to my taste buds. But I would not mind having more since it's a buffet after all!

I've tried the prawn but it wasn't very fresh and juicy. Well, I guess you can somehow tell from the photo that it doesn't really look appetizing too. My brother went for the marinated meat but I don't prefer eating marinated beef/ chicken when it comes to steamboat. 

When the soup base is spicy, I would love taking fishballs, crab meat, etc etc. I just like it when the food absorbs all the spiciness of the soup! They have quite a lot of variety and I took a little of everything :D

Some vege for the vege-lovers. 

I wouldn't recommend going for the Sushi because it's not their standard main dishes in the restaurant which didn't taste very nice. Besides, I'd rather stuff myself filled with beef and other steamboat food :0

But I tried some of the fried dishes (Sorry didn't take a photo) and it was very crispy, yum!! Can't help but took a few bites of it. 

One of my favourite section for the day.

Let me tell you. I never like eating fish during steamboat. But when I take the first bite on this fish fillet, I immediately changed my mind and took a few plates of fish! It's not only about the sweet fulfilling taste of the fish, but also the really smooth texture of it. 

Seafood is one of the best choice for steamboats and the great thing is that you're having buffet. So you can indulge as many as you want! My brother took so much of the clams that my parents have to stop him from eating too much, which I think is bad for your body if you consume excessively. But I think both of us really eat till the maximum we could, making the money worthwhile.

Condiments and sauces

Some great tips provided for you on how to mix a tasty sauce. I didn't get any sauces since I dipped my beef into the spicy broth which was already tasteful enough.

Desserts section 

I spammed so much meat that I didn't want any more desserts after the meal :x

I think it is a really worthy buffet price. I had it during a weekend dinner so it was $23.90++ and with my MOF card I will be entitled to 10% discount too! I will definitely go back for this when I'm a greedy hungry girl with budget on money hehe. 

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