Friday, 7 June 2013

Tonkichi // New feather accessory

Spot anything different on me??

Pretty blue feathers blending in with my hair! I like how the feathers have different tone from blue to black. 

I spotted this hairband at Diva which sells many pretty and elaborated accessories and I just couldn't resist that temptation! It's $26!! Quite pricey for a hair accessory but I wanted to add some colours to my hair without dyeing it. Boyf bought it for me in the end :D 

I think it matches my colourful feather crop top too. With beads dangling at the bottom. 

My boy's 3rd book out. Gosh, both of us are always looking forward to weekends!

We wanted to dine at NYDC at Tampines One, BUT IT'S CLOSED DOWN. Every time it's there, I'll never want to try it. And when finally I want to try, the restaurant close down. Grrrrr, it's not the first time that this happens. 

But it's okay! Because later on we decided to have dinner at Tonkichi. 

I never really favour this restaurant in the past, but I am falling in love with the potato salad and Chawanmushi there! I swear it's damn good. Oh! And this potato salad is free because my boy worked in the restaurant before so he has friends there! That's really nice of them. I love the potato salad. Highly recommended haha. 

I also like to drink their green tea, used to buy the green tea powder home. But now I seldom drink hot green tea due to my Invisalign. 


The taste of the egg is really strong and the egg custard has a really smooth texture. Just slips into your mouth easily. Haha but you know what? I wished the Chawanmushi didn't had mushroom inside :3

My boy's order

I think I should try their Katsu next time!

Sashimi Soba Set ($18)

Includes Soba, Sashimi, Chawanmushi

I think it's really worth $18 for so many food!

The Sashimi includes 3 salmon, 2 scallops, 1 prawn, 1 salmon belly, 1 tuna.

The sashimi has the standard alike as Sushi Tei! Fresh and enticing. Even the tuna sashimi which I usually don't really like, tasted really sweet and there's not much fishy smell. Scallop and prawn is too delectable. I can't forget the taste and texture of it. I still love salmon belly best! It is much softer and delicate because of all the fats and it's like the most delicious part of the fish. 

Next time I dine here, I'll straight away choose a set which contains Sashimi!

The Soba noodles were average to me, after all, I prefer noodles which are hot. But I chose this set because it seems more worth it compared to the rest. Maybe I'll try something else next time. 

My boy playing with my feathery hairband, it looks like its dangling from his ear haha

Super satisfying meal! We only paid $38 in total because of GSS - entitled to 20% discount for Pokka card members. I love restaurant membership!

4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Contact: +65 6789 1726

How do you like my new "hair"? (:

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