Saturday, 15 June 2013

Weekend meetup // Mcdonalds // NYDC

I FINALLY GET TO TRY NYDC! And I got a pretty good view! 

OOTD // Basics with Denim //
Sheer tank dress from BUGIS
Denim outerwear sponsored by MIZPOLLY
Pink squarish statement necklace & Skull bracelet sponsored by TWISTOFBLACK 
(Formerly known as Impulse)

Before movie which I blogged about in here:, we had a simple quick lunch at Mcdonalds. Have been eating Mac more than usual recently, and it's super unhealthy X_X Why does unhealthy food always tastes so yummy!

I've tried their Passionfruit Mcfizz, not a bad fizzy drink if you're getting bored at Coke/ Sprite, but I still prefer the Lychee McFizz! I think Green apple would taste the best though. Hoping that Mac would have it soon! 

Camwhoring while waiting for time to pass :DD

NYDC seems like a great choice for people who have sweet tooth

"Tsk, why are you looking at girls huh!!!" 

HAHA just kidding. He's actually looking down at his friends who are working. And I intentionally snap this shot! 

Looking at the menu just makes me salivate. The drinks and cakes all look so appetizing and unique. Even the Iced Chocolate looked so tempting by itself even when I don't usually want hot drinks. THE WHIP CREAM :0000 There're pages of cakes and drinks that I just keep flipping front and back non stop. Indecisive again. 

Iced Hazelnut (WOW* Recommended in menu)

Supersized cappucino flavoured with your choice of luscious chocolate or hazelnut syrup. Topped with whipped cream and served cold

But their whip cream is only a tiny little bit!! You can't even spot it on the photo on first look ): Greedy me went to ask for more :3 It makes the drink less bitter as well as I prefer sweet coffee. Taste pretty nice, wouldn't mind ordering it again but Starbucks is still my top choice!

Aglio Olio with Prawns 
$13 + ($3 prawns)

Adding prawn needs additional $3 but I just went with it because I like prawns! And wouldn't it be so plain without any meat/ seafood in pasta? 

The pasta was really flavourful and tasty. Even the mushroom taste so nice and sweet which I usually detest!! Best Aglio Olio I ever had, although I seldom take this flavour haha.. But I still think that it's delicious enough! I ate every single bit on the plate. Just that the portion is wayyyyy too small for my huge appetite. When I have dinner at home, I usually eat 2-3 plates of pasta, not kiddin' :/

Cajun Chicken

Again, the portion seems quite small too.

High and Mighty (WOW)

A towering confection featuring 24 layers of chocolate fudge and fluffy sponge, drenched in bittersweet chocolate. A divine creation that'll leave you gasping with every bite

Look at how tall the cake is!! My boy ordered the cake to share because I rather go for drinks than the cake. But it was a mistake to order this because it wasn't as good as we have expected. The fudge wasn't very obvious, all I could taste was like those normal chocolate sponge cake, just that it was in a bigger size. Maybe the mudpies would be better. But $8-11+ for a slice of cake is really too expensive!!

Overall, we spent $47.80 on dinner at NYDC, it was supposedly about $50+ but we had the Citibank promotion 15% off. Personally, I wouldn't want to go to NYDC without the promotion because I feel that the food is really overpriced, unless you're not going for the cakes.  

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