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Buffet Town // International Seafood, Mixed Grill and Teppanyaki

Had a date with my boyf last weekend and we both decided to splurge some money on food again, as usual. Wanna try something new so we decided to have it at Buffet Town. I have absolutely no idea that it was this popular because when I called to make a reservation 1-2 days before the actual date, they told me that if I want to dine during weekends, I have to reserve ONE WEEK earlier. So being Kiasus, we went there at 10plus 11 to start queuing for walk in. Waited for a whole hour before they let us in at about 12.. 

Reservation queue starts at 11:30 while walk-in queue starts at 11:45.

Payment has to be made at the counter before you enter and every person will get a "invisible chop" to prevent confusion when people walk in and out for restroom breaks, etc. 

Seafood section

If you want to get your hands on these oysters, you've gotta queue.. Usually there's about 5-6 people in the line and there are chefs there who are opening the oysters for you on the spot. Some people went there and took 12 oysters at one go. Tsk tsk, blocking the line behind.. quite inconsiderate. Some buffets usually limit the number of oyster each person can take at one time.

Nevertheless, the oysters were quite fresh and I slurped them down my throat with a tad bit of Tabasco sauce. It's better to add in some to cover the rawness and it also enhances the overall taste. My boy didn't like oysters but I took about 6 for myself! 

They taste as delicious as they looked!

I was surprised at the generous amount of succulent seafood they serve for such an affordable buffet price! Crayfish, Green Mussel, Purple Scallop, Black Mussel, Fresh live prawns. It's almost like a real seafood buffet spread like those expensive hotel buffets. Most of the seafood were fresh especially the prawns which are really chilled. I probably ate about 8. But scallop was really below average.. I couldn't even remove the flesh properly and it was very dry. 

I didn't like crayfish but my boyf took about 3 so I'm assuming it could be quite nice for crayfish lovers? Haha.

Getting hungry already?

Sushi and Sashimi section

The Sashimi was really beyond my expectations. All Sashimi are freshly cut when you request for the number of slices you want. From the picture you could already tell that the quality and freshness of the Salmon is absolutely great. The chewy, bouncy texture and fresh, sweet taste of the Sashimi really made me craving for more. 

The freshness of the Sashimi just melts in your mouth, need I say more?

A wide selection of other cuisines

I always tell myself to try other food during buffets but when you come face to face with so much delicious seafood, it's just too hard to resist and you'll end up stuffing yourself with more seafood than you can ever imagine. The next moment you realize it, you're already ready for dessert and can't try any other food :x

But there's really a super wide range of cuisines like Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Local, etc. It's so much that you have to walk quite a few rounds to really see what is provided. I've tried some of them when my boy took it for me, but I must say it's not really impressive. 

The Satay is another mouthwatering dish that cannot be missed. Every batch of satay is piping hot and with the perfection combination of the satay sauce, you just cannot stop at one plate. I think we had 3 plates in total! Never loved satay this much before. 

P.S Not all the photos are in my blog post, especially the other food sections that I didn't try

The most attractive section will ALWAYS be the desserts. Look at those irresistible-looking cupcakes! Looks too good to be eaten. I've always have this mindset that the more colourful the cupcakes look, the worse it tastes because of the fake taste of the icing. But surprisingly, this was not bad in my opinion. Definitely children's favourite treats as they're topped with colourful creamy frosting. 

I'm in love with this colour.

The cakes tasted pretty average and I was quite disappointed with the small amount of variety in their cakes. Maybe cupcakes is their main thing. 

Some Ice-kachang for you? It looks kinda messy after some time though :/ 

Even the ice-cream section has a long queue .__. I guess you just have to queue for almost any food at Buffet Town. That's how crazy the crowd is on weekends.. The ice-cream was average too. Acceptable but not fantastic. The waffles looked really unappetizing on that day too.. We both agreed to that. Probably an inexperienced person baking the waffle because it looks so soggy and messed up that I didn't even bother trying anymore.

Buffet Town is definitely a 'value for money' buffet! Given the vast selection of food at Buffet Town, I don't mind visiting the place again for another round of food, but this time, I shall save some tummy space for International cuisine. Of course, you would have to lower your expectations of the food quality but rest assured you will be satisfied with the quantity. Though quality is important, Buffet Town still has some fantastic food given the cheap and affordable buffet prices and I think it's really worth what we paid for. 

There is also a mini playground at the corner for kids (Between 2-8 years old) to play and its really convenient for parents to look after them while they're eating. Great for family and friends outing! 

Buffet Town Pricing:

Lunch 11:30am - 3 pm

Adult: $25.80++
Child: $18.80++

Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH
Adult: $30.80++
Child: $18.80++

Dinner 6pm – 10pm

Adult : $35.80++
Child : $21.80++

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH

Adult : $40.80++
Child :$21.80++

Do note that the selection of food may vary for different days and timings, highly advised to call and ask before you make any reservation (:

Buffet Town:
Raffles City, #B1-44E
252 North Bridge Road
Contact: 6837 3793

& ending with a sweet photo of us dining at Buffet Town! 

Our next Buffet stop.. Probably Kiseki or Momiji Japanese Buffet!

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