Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cafe Cartel // Bugis Shopping ♥


Here's my OOTD!
White Skull Chiffon Top sponsored by Sacred Smooch
Pink Necklace from Twist of Black
Pink Zipper Bandage Skirt from H&M HongKong
White Heels from New Look (Was just trying on)
Supposedly wearing my Maroon flats!

I love how versatile this chiffon top is, being able to match with skater skirt, shorts and bandage skirt. I've got to mix and match more of my basic tops and bottoms to create different looks!

My boy & I meet up for another round of Bugis shopping as I needed simple casual tops for daily school wear. He bought a guy cardigan and a formal tee while I bought 4 tops! Got one wrong buy but I love the rest!! 

We also managed to catch Despicable Me 2 Sneak Preview thanks to my boy! Loved the show and I can't stop laughing and feeling so excited about the minions! If you follow my Instagram you could probably tell that I'm addicted to minions recently with all the nail art and drawings hehe. But they're just too cute! Read my movie review here:

We settled our dinner at Cafe Cartel as I've wanted to try the food quite some time ago. There's also a ongoing promotion (I LOVE PROMOTIONS HEHE), Buy 2 selected main course and get 1 FREE. Sounds like a great deal for big eaters like us. If you don't want to eat so much, you can always order the normal main course and enjoy credit card/ passion card promotion. Look at the pictures below.

Both of us kept using instagram before eating. I think it's gonna become a habit soon! Mine already started long ago, but I was using FB check in instead in the past. But now I'm switching to Instagram!

So we have all 3 main dishes! 

Grilled Tender Chicken Chop

Grilled Dory Fish with Spaghetti

Ribeye Steak with Garlic Buttered Prawns

I unintentionally cut the beef into a "cake slice".

I think that the food overall is quite standard for the price but I would still prefer the beef and chicken from Astons! Much cheaper too! But since there's a promotion so we're quite okay with it. First 2 dishes were fine but the beef was too chewy and tough. I wouldn't want to order that again :/ Prawns were quite small too and they didn't taste like there's butter or garlic :/ 

But we still managed to finish EVERYTHING! Except those bits and pieces of vege.

The next time I'm going to try their desserts, look so tempting!! Especially their waffles with whip cream on it! 

Camwhore photos of us again! I kinda like the lighting there! Some restaurant lighting just gives me shit quality photos. We were saying that whenever I'm happy with my face in the photo, my boy just gives stupid faces. And when he smiles nicely most of the time, I'll always complain that my face isn't nice :/

Anyway my hair looks more bouncy and has more volume now though it still has not reach my expectations. But I'm still quite satisfied because what I did was only go for a haircut. And my hairdresser just cut into my layers to suit my permed hair. So it became lighter causing my hair to have slightly more volume than before! But it's not very curly since it was more than half a year ago since I've permed, will probably do it again in November.

And loving my minions nails! But the design is falling apart now ): 

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