Saturday, 20 July 2013

Casio EX TR-15 launch

The Casio EX TR-15 was recently launched in Singapore! It's the perfect camera that every girl wants!! 

You can watch the official launch video here:

I was already fascinated for the old model which I own - EX TR-150. You can read my review here:

This time they made some improvements and it was more user-friendly from what I can see. And there are 3 different colours - White, Vivid pink and Black. Black looks really sleek and probably suit guys and also girls who prefer darker colours. 

Some new features include:

Brightening mode
This mode allows users to brighten and smoothen their skin to enhance their look. To me, the make up mode is already more than enough to make your skin look flawless! There are total of 12 levels for users to choose from. 

Self Portrait Shutter
The secondary shutter button located on the frame makes it easier for self-portrait when holding the camera frame. For TR-150, it was difficult to use the shutter button when taking photos, any slight movement would cause the photo be unclear. The new TR-15 provides a new self-portrait checking function that gives a preview of any shot, which allows users to decide on the spot if they want to save the photo.

Remote Capture
In addition, TR-15 comes with Wireless LAN connection that allows users to monitor images on their smartphone screen while posing for the camera. This allows users to pose in any desired angle. One can even check their facial expression when shooting an angle which is not facing the camera. With the timer shot and remote capture, they can take any photos at the timing they want. I think this is one of the greatest new function in which tempts many girls to buy this camera. 

I myself loved this function a lot! 

Wireless LAN Function
With the wireless LAN function, users can upload photos onto Twitter/Instagram or any other social media websites with a breeze. This can be done by sending images straight to the smartphone. With this function, users can always update photos on the spot without using the lousy camera on smartphones if they want to check-in location with photos. 

3.0 inch, 920,000 pixel LCD
The high-definition LCD allows users to take beautiful and clear images. With its high brightness, wide angle and high contrast, taking self-shot photos has never been this awesome. 

Charming multi-coloured GUI
The GUI features a colourful design which makes the camera screen looks prettier than ever. 

Decorative Function
TR-150 provides new decorative functions that was previously not available for the older model. There are 10 built-in stamps for users to choose from and one can embellish images on their photos in all sorts of way. Picture frames are also installed, distinguishing one's photo from the rest. Besides the decorative function, there is also an ART shot function to give realistic photographic images an impressionistic and artistic effect, which works like filters. This includes - sparkling shot, soft focus, toy camera, fisheye and more.

There are more functions which can be viewed from their official website: (All photos are credited to this website)

 The current market price is $999 for Casio TR-15. I would love to own this camera too, but don't you find it too expensive? What do you think?

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