Saturday, 27 July 2013

De Conti - Coffee & Ice-cream // 1-for-1 opening promotion

De Conti is an Italian Coffee & Gelato cafe which is newly opened at Tampines One outlet recently. Met up with my 2 friends Cy & Iris to try this new cafe because of the 1-for-1 promotion! 

I think that this place is a nice place for you to chill with your friends because of the spacious surroundings and the cozy ambience. But due to the limited seats, I wouldn't recommend students to study there because you will be occupying the seats for too long. 

For their new opening promotion, there's 1-for-1 Gelato ice-cream when you present your student pass. Promotion is available from Monday-Friday at 4 - 6pm and is valid till only 16th August 2013. 

Anyway, here's what we ordered! 

Regular sized Gelato ($7)
Tiramisu and Hazelnut flavour

Gelato is always more thick, milky, and tastes more dense than normal ice-cream. And Italian always makes ice-cream sounds more premium, at least to me. I've picked Tiramisu because it always has this bittersweet taste in it which I really like. First half of the cup was pretty nice, but towards the end it was already too sweet for me. 

Before I ordered the Gelato, I've tasted the Banana flavour and I didn't like it though. Tasted like some overripe bananas.. If not, hazelnut is a good choice too, for people who do not like overly sweet stuff. 

There are other flavours such as Chocolate, Dark chocolate, Pistachio (One of my other all-time favourites), Vanilla, etc. Other sizes small ($5.50) and large ($8.00) available too. I already feel that they are giving extra generous amount of ice-cream for the regular cup already. 

Italian Hot Chocolate ($5.50)

Iris ordered this. I got quite a bit of a shock when I saw the drink because it looks like thick chocolate fondue filled in a cup instead. It's the really rich creamy Italian chocolate without tasting too sweet. We were provided with a small glass of ice water to mix it into the Hot chocolate in case it is too thick to drink. So it's up to the person's preference of thickness of the chocolate.

Croissant with Fondue chocolate dressing ($4.50)
(Handmade by pastry chef)

From the look of it, it tastes really too sweet for me. But it looks really crispy with light flaky layers. 

Tiramisu Gelato Drink ($6.00)
- I'm not sure of the name because I just described the drink that I want, and she told me the price. I'm too confused with the different drink names haha..

It actually tasted more like creamy milkshake. I was actually expecting Frappe but I guess this is good enough for me. I really like the milkshake as it isn't too thick nor diluted. The taste wasn't too sweet because it's blended with real Tiramisu Gelato, making it taste original. You can of course choose other Gelato flavours as well.

De Conti:
10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines One
Singapore 529536

Anyway here's cute Princess Jenell sitting at the corner. Can't believe she's already going 4 months! Don't worry I only put her there for a little while to snap some photos!

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