Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Instagram apps Part II

Back with Part II today! Basically, this post is about my current favourite photo apps to edit my photos before I post them up to Instagram. If you haven't read Part I: read it here! http://mons-diary.blogspot.sg/2013/07/my-favourite-instagram-apps.html


I love this app especially when I'm taking OOTD or advert photos that requires different angles to make the photo look more interesting! Besides, you can actually try it out to see which angle makes you look the best! In this case, I think I look better on the right? Haha. But a pity that this app crops my photo even before I upload to Instagram. I was hoping to have one in full length and that won't happen unless I take it from quite a far shot. Nonetheless, I still love this app!


In my previous post, I've talked about InstaQuote in which you can caption your photos into dreamy or intellectual quotes. But for Instatext, you can insert texts into your photos with more quirky fonts that gives a fun overall look instead of all those serious quotes. It would be great for one to express what they're feeling currently in just a word or two! It's probably more interesting than just uploading one photo of KOI bubble tea in which most people have seen before. 


Whitagram is one of the most common app that I've seen in my Instagram so far. I used to dislike using Instagram because of one major reason: Instagram crops photos into squares and my face look so huge. Of course that only applies when I'm using iPhone which already makes my face look big in the first place. But with my Casio Tr150, that kinda solved my problem as well since the lens are really wide! But this app also solved my problem by reducing the size of my photo to fit into the standard Instagram 'square'. 


I think this app is rather interesting and it's somewhere in between creating a filter and also inserting texts. I downloaded it as I found it quite unique, but at the same time, it's not very user-friendly to my photos as most of the photo will get covered by the design.. However, if you're taking photos which do not require much focus (E.g. scenery, places), it could be a creative choice of using this app to edit your photos! 

LetterFX comes in different shapes and also words. 


InstaShapes is pretty similar to LetterFX for some designs. But I still downloaded it because of the simple shapes in which LetterFX did not have. It could be used as an alternative cropping tool, but instead of the usual square crop tool, I can crop my photos into circles, hearts, triangles, etc. I'll probably just stick to these few. 


I haven't think of any nice ways to edit my photos using this app. But I was attracted to the photos below. They have this artistic feel that I really like. You are supposed to upload two photos and blend it together in the way that you want. Then the photos will merge and become one! Mine is super fail! X_X

But here's what I've got! And yes, my room has a lot of displays, figurines, etc. But my family is planning on renovation now, so I will remove some in the future! 

Hope you guys like it! (: 

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