Friday, 19 July 2013

Minion Madness at McDonalds // Despicable Me 2

After the earlier Hello Kitty craze, it's the Minion Madness now, which was started last week 11 July 2013. I admit that I was also crazy over Minions before/after watching Despicable Me 2! After all, those Minions are so cute, mischievously and funny. The photos above are taken straight from my Instagram @m0nice.

Anyway, here's the Mcdonalds Minion Madness commercial. I find it kinda cute!

A total of 9 designs for the Happy Meal toys and there will be 3 different designs each week. Which means you can collect them all within 3 weeks! This time, Mcdonalds is smart enough to limit each person to only 3 Minions, which also means that you are unlikely to buy duplicate designs since there are only 3 different Minions. This is to prevent re sellers out there who are trying to make huge profits out of the toys.

The Minions Happy meals are also not available for delivery, drive-through and institutional stores. However, due to the high demand of the toy, the toys are fully redeemed at almost every outlet in SG within a day, and mostly within a few hours!

STOMPer Xiaoartz saw a long queue for dolls of Minions from the movie, Despicable Me 2, in United Square's McDonald's outlet at 12pm.

(PHOTO: By Xiaoartz from STOMP Singapore)

 Luckily, I managed to got my first 3 - Tim Giggling, Dave Gadget Grabber & Tom Googly Eyes Grabber on the first day it was released at Bedok outlet. Surprisingly, the queue wasn't that crazy. But I've decided to drop the idea of collecting all the Minions as I wasn't sure if this crazy feeling would last.

There were people who complained about the quality of the Minions. I wouldn't complain though, after all you're paying $4.20/$4.50 for a meal with a free toy, how much can you expect from it?

For people who have been suggesting on Mcdonalds fanpage to request donation of unwanted meals, Mcdonalds would be donating a minimum of 1000 Happy Meals to MINDS, even if fewer meals are donated by the consumers. Now there's less food wastage! 

Minions fans do not have to be disheartened because Mcdonalds has created a 'DEFERRED FULFILMENT' online site for people to place their orders if they have missed out any designs. You can start placing your order at from 25 July 2013 - 7 August 2013. 

Can imagine the faces of the crazy Minion fans when the queue started! 

(Maybe I was like that too hur?)

Cuter Minions GIF images below:

Found this really interesting photo that was shared on Facebook by many, which teaches you how to tell the Minions apart. Sometimes I'll just go "Errr.. I like the one with the one eye and is always making trouble.." But I just can't name them out, after all there's so MANY one-eyed Minions! So here's a guide to differentiate the few main ones!

So far, my favourite Minions are Dave, Stuart, and Phil. How about yours?


Though I've decided to stop collecting the Minions from Mcdonalds, I'm hoping to get one affordable Minions iPhone 4 cover.. :D 

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