Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Favourite Instagram Apps

Sorry for not updating so often recently! Have been held up with school work, exams & my driving lessons!! I've been down with flu recently and just lost my voice :/ Gahhh, it's such a tough thing for me to stop talking because I'm so talkative. I wish I can get my voice back soon!! 

Anyway, I have created Instagram weeks ago @m0nice, and have also been downloading many photo and instagram apps to decorate my photo. You know, choosing filters and decorations is like one of the toughest decisions ever!! Betcha agree with me! But sometimes I think that Instagram filters are not enough to enhance photos, and this is when you need...


Here are some of my favourite apps that I've downloaded, I haven't got chance to use some on my Instagram yet as I've just downloaded it recently. Well you can try! (All the apps I'm recommending are free of charge at the moment)


This is really cool if you want to create your own special and unique collage, instead of those boring rectangles and squares (Still quite useful though). I think this will catch the eye of your followers and even if your photo isn't really that outstanding.. At least the design of the whole template is really pretty to look at. 

They have many lovely and artistic designs (I think I will go crazy over my choice of template, I already had problems choosing filters) *Shakes head* If you're using for Instagram, you can just pick the square templates, they have the vertical/ horizontal rectangle shape as well. And if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click more styles in the library and download for FREE! How awesome, now my pictures would be more interesting! 

I think this is very useful when I'm doing adverts in the future, I can create something like that.. (:


This will be perfect for FOOD LOVERS like me! I have this really really bad habit of taking photos, checking-in, uploading them, tweeting, posting on instagram, and before I'm done, my food would probably be cold already :/ I know this is going to give me more opportunity for dilemma problems but I think this app is ALL-in-one. I can foresee that I will use this app a lot, because I'm always taking photos of my food when I'm dining out. 

If you turn on the location function on your phone, your phone might be able to detect which restaurant you are dining at, although it may not be accurate.. But you can always edit the words on the photo and let your followers know immediately where the restaurant is located at. Nice food must share (:

You can always play around with the designs and add in any words you want. Even the logo for some templates can be changed! 'Best price', 'Failed', 'Thumbs up' and other emojis can be found on other pages. 


This is quite similar to InstaMag and InstaPic, just that this covers more areas like Mood, weather, check-in, food and others. Again, you can make your photos more interesting than before! 

Now you can even have date, time, and even weather forecast on your phone. Although I don't see when I am going to use this function haha. But it's always great to have an app that does not limit yourself to only fashion or food so that you can have a variety of choices when it comes to editing photos, isn't it. 


One day, you might go "Ah, I'm feeling quite intellectual, I should add in a genius quote of my own into my photos (Instead of captioning it)" Tadahh! Here's one to help you. 

Or if you just want to caption your photos in a nicer way, then this app is really convenient to do so! The free version only has a few fonts but I guess that's pretty much sufficient for me as I always use either classic or tall. Simple is the best!

Although this isn't quite intellectual haha, but it's true for most girls, right?


I've mentioned earlier that InstaMag is useful if you don't want to use boring squares and rectangles. But after all, simplicity is important too. Especially when you just want to take your reflection, OOTDs, etc and you don't want to make things complicated. Well of course InstaCollage doesn't only have boring squares, the app has some unique shapes as well, but I just don't really use them. 

To be continued.... in Part II

I found that I'm always using social media websites much slower than the rest, partly because I'm always lazy to start a new thing. But when I do, I get kinda addicted to it.. haha. I'm using Instagram more often nowadays. If you want, you can follow me @m0nice to have more quick updates! 

Hope you guys find this useful! And follow my blog for Part II if you're interested (: