Thursday, 29 August 2013

Disney's Planes (2013)

Everybody has their own dream that they want to achieve..

And in Disney's new movie PLANES, it's all about chasing your dreams and making them come true! We all have our dreams and ambition which are difficult to achieve due to obstacles, fears, and lack of confidence. 

You will get to meet Dusty, a fast-flying duster who has big dreams of competing in an air race but unfortunately he has a huge fear of heights! I know it sounds like an irony that planes are afraid of height in cartoons but in reality, that is the harsh truth! We all have limits that might seem ridiculous to others. But that doesn't stop us from accomplishing our goal. We just have to dream BIG, and work our ways towards it. 


And Dusty had it, along with the strong support of his great friends. Success isn't easy as Dusty faced many obstacles especially when the defending champion Ripslinger who felt threatened by Dusty's presence, tried to do anything in order to defeat him. 

But with his courage and ambitious character, Dusty continued to pursue his life-long dream as a high-flying racer and eventually, he made it! 

Disney's shows are always so positive and inspiring!

Meet Dusty and his other plane friends! 

You can also join in a fun activity with Disney Planes HERE:

You can send sweet/ fun/ inspiring messages to your Facebook friends with this app!

Start off with choosing your plane character. I chose Rochelle, I like her colour so much! So prettyyy pink!

Select the person whom you want to send your message to, followed by a personalized message.

And here's your personalized message!! ♥

Encourage your friends with those inspiring and fun messages, and you can even stand a chance to win attractive prizes at the same time! 10 lucky winners will walk away with exclusive movie premiums!!! (I'm going to try my luck too!)

And take a look at this!

Catch “Disney’s Planes” in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar @ City Square Mall

"Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar is a value for money casual dining restaurant. With our signature slow roasted chickens with array of roast comprising of beef, pork ribs & seafood and a spread of over 30 items of salad bar"

Had lunch at Javier's with Serene few days ago as she recommended this restaurant for me to try. I have been craving for salads recently too! (The salad must have meat or at least some carbo food, NOT CAESAR SALAD!) Haha. Anyway it was great to try something new and affordable at the same time. SOME SALADS HAVE SO LITTLE PORTION AND THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!

Serene told me that Javier's is opened by the boss of Astons and he named it after his son!

Besides, Javier's had a wide choice of salad toppings to choose from, and the best thing is that you can pile as much as you want on a plate for just $11.90! Serene ordered a main dish and topped up with the salad plate (smaller size) for just $5.90. We both looked so greedy when choosing what to place on our plates. In fact, she took so much more than me when her plate is smaller!! I wasn't very hungry at that point of time anyway. 

If you're thinking that salad is only limited to vegetables and fruits, then you are SO WRONG. We took so much carbo stuff like wedges, potato salad, onion rings, pasta, etc such that we made eating salad such an unhealthy meal. But who cares! We're enjoying, that's more important. 

 Well, I did take some Vege though. It makes my plate look a lot more colourful too haha. And that is why Serene kept complaining that my plate looks better than hers. She took so much potato wedges that I was doubting if she can even finish in the first place. AND SHE DID. 

Not forgetting that she has a main course with 2 sides and a bowl of thick creamy soup.

Just as we thought that we were super greedy girls, we turned and saw the opposite table with a huge pile of food on a plate. That's when we went 0_0 

So here's my final salad plate! Super worth it as the $11.90 comes with a drink and soup. 

And there is Serene, posing with her ultra big plates of food. She paid only $17 for that!

Instagram is a huge distraction when it comes to food, because we kept taking photos, camwhoring till the food became cold when we ate it :/

If you want to have cheap Western food but is not so particular on the quality of the food, this is a place for you! In fact, I think it is a great place for students!

Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Contact: +65 6509 5751

Our OOTDs! (How can a toilet have such pretty bg!!)

Monday, 19 August 2013

[AD] Razzle Dazzle

Sponsored Advertorial:

Razzle Dazzle is a blogshop that you wouldn't want to miss for your online shopping spree! They have a wide variety of products for girls AND guys to choose from, including apparels, bags, shoes, accessories, phone cases, oh.. and EVEN Rilakkuma products!! If you are looking for something specific like galaxy or neon theme, then Razzle Dazzle is for you too! Not forgetting, my readers will also get a discount code at the end of the post. 

I've got 1 hot pink shoulder bag + 2 accessories kindly sponsored by Razzle Dazzle!

I'm really glad to find a hot pink shoulder bag as my wardrobe is filled with dark-coloured bags. I would really need a striking one like this to match my dull outfits. Its simple style works great for an everyday bag. If you did not know, Hot pink is actually a versatile colour. With a splash of the striking pink, the bag just looks fabulous on any outfits. 

Sometimes when the design looks really nice but complicated, you're going to face problems matching your outfits.. #truefact

I absolutely love the size of the bag as well. The bigger the better. (Haha kidding) I think I would prefer my bags to be a little bigger than A4 size so that I could throw all my essential stuff in. Never be too surprised about what a girl can bring out on a daily outing. I literally dump anything I need into my bag (My wallet, make up pouch, water bottle, chargers already take up a huge space). And yup, that is why I need a BIG bag like this! It will be perfect for school when books are needed to be thrown in as well. 

I like that the bag comes with a little zip pouch for me to keep my coins, clips, or any loose and small items. You can even fit your Ez link card in, so tapping your card on the bus becomes much convenient. 

Every girl needs to have a shoulder bag like this. And if you're not happy with Pink. Razzle Dazzle has it in other colours HERE! I think its a pretty good deal for that price! 

I'm wearing Item #AN02 (Click in for link) in my photos on top and this is how it looks like for close-up!

Statement necklaces have become my favourite types when it comes to accessories as it instantly enhances your outfit and make you look awesome in it. Edgy and chic designs like this are my favourite as I seldom dress up in pastel colours (I do at times, when I feel like it).  

Simple and symmetrical shapes like these gives a great edgy vibe to your overall look. Gold and Black works very well together! It's perfect for dressing up a plain scoop-neck tank or tee. 

Item #AN03 (Click in for link)

Spikes are awesome, skulls + spikes are just gonna be double the AWESOME! 

If you're into spikes and skulls, this piece is a MUST. A standout piece. Love how the black skulls are not over-the-top but still shows out your boldness and style. I can foresee myself wearing this necklace more often! 

Apart from what I've got, Razzle Dazzle also sells other sweet dresses and tops, together with a variety of other things. Go take a look! You might find something you like! The photos below are only a small part of what they offer. 

I really like how Razzle Dazzle offers affordable apparels and other products. Their service is great and the owner is really friendly and patient as well! Remember to check Razzle Dazzle out. You never know, you might get everything you want from their shop! Plus, you got a little something from me! ☺

Quote MONICE to get a 10% off your FINAL bill! 

Do visit for Contact lens too!