Monday, 19 August 2013

[AD] Razzle Dazzle

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Razzle Dazzle is a blogshop that you wouldn't want to miss for your online shopping spree! They have a wide variety of products for girls AND guys to choose from, including apparels, bags, shoes, accessories, phone cases, oh.. and EVEN Rilakkuma products!! If you are looking for something specific like galaxy or neon theme, then Razzle Dazzle is for you too! Not forgetting, my readers will also get a discount code at the end of the post. 

I've got 1 hot pink shoulder bag + 2 accessories kindly sponsored by Razzle Dazzle!

I'm really glad to find a hot pink shoulder bag as my wardrobe is filled with dark-coloured bags. I would really need a striking one like this to match my dull outfits. Its simple style works great for an everyday bag. If you did not know, Hot pink is actually a versatile colour. With a splash of the striking pink, the bag just looks fabulous on any outfits. 

Sometimes when the design looks really nice but complicated, you're going to face problems matching your outfits.. #truefact

I absolutely love the size of the bag as well. The bigger the better. (Haha kidding) I think I would prefer my bags to be a little bigger than A4 size so that I could throw all my essential stuff in. Never be too surprised about what a girl can bring out on a daily outing. I literally dump anything I need into my bag (My wallet, make up pouch, water bottle, chargers already take up a huge space). And yup, that is why I need a BIG bag like this! It will be perfect for school when books are needed to be thrown in as well. 

I like that the bag comes with a little zip pouch for me to keep my coins, clips, or any loose and small items. You can even fit your Ez link card in, so tapping your card on the bus becomes much convenient. 

Every girl needs to have a shoulder bag like this. And if you're not happy with Pink. Razzle Dazzle has it in other colours HERE! I think its a pretty good deal for that price! 

I'm wearing Item #AN02 (Click in for link) in my photos on top and this is how it looks like for close-up!

Statement necklaces have become my favourite types when it comes to accessories as it instantly enhances your outfit and make you look awesome in it. Edgy and chic designs like this are my favourite as I seldom dress up in pastel colours (I do at times, when I feel like it).  

Simple and symmetrical shapes like these gives a great edgy vibe to your overall look. Gold and Black works very well together! It's perfect for dressing up a plain scoop-neck tank or tee. 

Item #AN03 (Click in for link)

Spikes are awesome, skulls + spikes are just gonna be double the AWESOME! 

If you're into spikes and skulls, this piece is a MUST. A standout piece. Love how the black skulls are not over-the-top but still shows out your boldness and style. I can foresee myself wearing this necklace more often! 

Apart from what I've got, Razzle Dazzle also sells other sweet dresses and tops, together with a variety of other things. Go take a look! You might find something you like! The photos below are only a small part of what they offer. 

I really like how Razzle Dazzle offers affordable apparels and other products. Their service is great and the owner is really friendly and patient as well! Remember to check Razzle Dazzle out. You never know, you might get everything you want from their shop! Plus, you got a little something from me! ☺

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